How to use the Tachyon Explorer. The main purpose of Tachyon is to enable super-fast investigation of your network environment to retrieve sets of devices that you can then run immediate actions on.

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Using Tachyon Explorer

How to use Tachyon Explorer to ask questions, run actions, set coverage and filters.

  • Home page questions and responsesHow to frame questions in Tachyon and view the responses.
  • InstructionsViewing the instruction history, navigating instructions using the tasks page and scheduling instructions.
  • The action approval workflowHow to run actions with approval.
  • Tagging Tachyon Agent devicesTachyon Agent devices can have a number of custom tags assigned using Tachyon and the Tachyon agents. There are two types of tag: coverage tags, which can be used in the scopes for questions and actions to help target specific collections of devices; and freeform tags that can be queried and set using specific questions and actions.
  • Exporting data from Tachyon ExplorerResults visible in Tachyon Explorer can be exported to files containing comma-separated values (CSV) or, in the case of the Export all option on the instruction response page, tab-separated values (TSV), and results can be marked for export at the point of asking a question to automate the process.
  • Checking inventory and connectivityThe Tachyon Explorer lets you view the device inventory for your network including visibility of which devices are currently connected and can therefore be interacted with directly.
  • Tachyon Agent Historic Data CaptureA description of the benefits of Tachyon Agent Historic Data Capture and how the data can be retrieved.
  • Tachyon QuarantineA description of the quarantine feature provided in the Tachyon Agent and implemented in the quarantine instructions present in the file.