How to configure Tachyon using the Administration Console.

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The Admin Log page

The Admin log page lets security administrators view the audit information contained in the Tachyon logs. It shows any notifications that have been generated by the Switch, Core and Workflow components. It also displays audit information related to installation, permissions, product pack and consumer related operations carried out using Tachyon Explorer.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Administrators
  • Security Administrators

The Agent installer page

The Agent installer page is part of a feature that is currently under development and for use with the new Tachyon Discovery product, which is due for release in the coming months. To enable Tachyon Agents to be rolled out across a network in conjunction with the network discovery piece, this page lets you select the Tachyon Agent installer you want to use for the installation.

The Consumers page

The Consumers page lets you register the consumers that can access Tachyon. To enhance the security of the Tachyon system, only consumers that have been registered on this page will be allowed to access Tachyon.

Tachyon can integrate with third-party applications to enable its instruction-based investigation and resolution capabilities to be leveraged by other products. Some examples include: the Nomad Content Pause and Tachyon Configuration Manager integration features.

The Custom Properties page

The Custom properties page is used to define properties that can be used when setting coverage tags on devices. Before devices can be tagged and questioners can use Tachyon Agent device tags to set the coverage of questions, Tachyon custom properties administrators first need to create some properties.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Administrators
  • Custom Properties Administrators

The following headings show the steps to add, edit and delete properties and set property values. For a quick tutorial on adding properties see Adding properties - Tutorial.

The Dashboard page

The Dashboard page enables infrastructure administrators to view information about the current status of Tachyon. It provides a summary of the current questions and actions. It also provides real-time troubleshooting information on the CoreApiSwitch and Workflow components.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Administrators
  • Infrastructure Administrators

Tachyon prides itself on its ability to retrieve rapid responses from large sets of devices. You can use Tachyon's dashboard to view performance statistics directly from the Tachyon Explorer to ensure that it is responding in the way that you expect.

The Instruction Sets page

How to load Instruction Definitions into Tachyon and then create, populate and delete Instruction Sets.

The Instruction sets page enables Instruction Set administrators to add, remove and modify the product packs used by Tachyon.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Administrators
  • Instruction Set Administrators
  • Security Administrators

The License info page

The License info page shows details of the current license status.

The Management groups page

The Management groups page lets you view the currently defined management groups.

Management groups combine with users, roles and instruction sets to define who can do what and where in Tachyon. Management groups define the where by acting as holders for devices and instruction sets define the what by acting as holders for instructions.

Management groups have the following properties:

  • Each device known to Tachyon can be assigned to any number of management groups, or be left unassigned. Devices not assigned to any management group will still be accessible, subject to permissions.
  • Roles can be associated with specific management groups, so that users with those roles will only be available to target the devices in their management groups.
  • Management groups can only contain devices and they are completely independent from any other management group, even if they contain the same devices.
  • Each Management Group must have a unique name which is not case sensitive.

The Permissions page

The Permissions page lets Permissions Administrators configure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for the Tachyon system. Here you can find the built-in system roles used to administer Tachyon features, and how to configure custom roles for Instruction Sets and Management Groups.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Administrators
  • Permissions Administrators

  • Configuring Access Rights - Tutorial

    A quick tutorial on configuring access rights for Tachyon. Using a scenario where access to Tachyon will be managed through Active Directory groups, the tutorial illustrates the general setup required and the particular steps needed to add the necessary Tachyon users.

The Registered mobile phones page

The Tachyon App, also known as Tachyon Auth mobile app, is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Tachyon. As a consequence, the Registered mobile phones administration page is also deprecated.

The System information page

The system information page lets you review the current Tachyon system configuration.