How to set up Tachyon Server and deploy Tachyon Agents, including a guide to upgrading.

Tachyon consists of two components Tachyon Server and Tachyon Agent, both of which are installed using MSI (Windows installer) packages. For manual interactive installation, you run the install package using the Microsoft Installer utility, and follow the instructions in the installer wizard.

In this section...

Tachyon Setup

Using the Tachyon Setup wizard to check prerequisites, configure, install and verify Tachyon Server. 

Tachyon Server post-installation tasks

Post-installation tasks, which include verification checks and mandatory and optional configuration tasks.

Deploying Tachyon Agents

Guidance for deploying the Tachyon Agent onto Windows and non-Windows devices.

Implementing a Tachyon DMZ Server

The process for installing a Tachyon DMZ Server to support Internet-facing Tachyon Agents.

Uninstalling Tachyon

Guidance on how to tidy up after uninstallation of Tachyon, especially when wanting to reinstall Tachyon instead of upgrading.

Upgrading Tachyon

Guidance for upgrading Tachyon.