A quick tutorial on adding properties and values for use when setting the coverage for questions.

Tachyon enables Coverage tag properties to be created and set on Tachyon client devices, which can then be used when setting the coverage for a question. The basic workflow is:

  1. A Tachyon Custom Properties Administrator defines the name of a Coverage tag and one or more associated values.
  2. Actioners with permissions to the Tags instruction set run actions that use the defined properties and values and assign them to particular Tachyon devices. See Actions to set tags - tutorial for more details on this step.
  3. Questioners can then use the Tags parameter, when defining the coverage for a question, to constrain the coverage to particular properties and values thereby targeting particular Tachyon devices. See Using tags to set the coverage for a question - tutorial for more details on this step.

This page provides a quick tutorial on how to perform step 1.

On this page:

To illustrate the configuration of coverage tags we use an example where the property relates to the business function of a device. We'll create a single Department property with a number of values that enables us to differentiate between the departments we want Tachyon to support.

Adding a property and values

The first step to creating a property with values is to create the property name. Generally to do this you click on the Add+ button at the top of the NAME column, but in the case of the first time you navigate to the page Tachyon will start to help you add a new property name immediately. A new edit field appears in the NAME column ready for you to type the name of the new property.

The animation opposite illustrates the following steps:

  1. Click on the Add button to display the Add Custom Property popup.
  2. Set the Name to Department. Property names may consist of alphanumeric characters and also the underscore character '_' but not spaces or periods. The names are limited to 16 characters in length.
  3. Set the Property type to CoverageTag.
  4. Enter the first value in the Values section. Type Finance in the edit field.
  5. Click the + button to the right of the Values section, and type IT Support into the edit field.
  6. Do this once more to add the Sales value.
  7. When the values have been set click Add to add the custom property to Tachyon.

In this brief tutorial we've shown how to create a custom property tag. The next step is to apply the coverage tags to the appropriate Tachyon devices, as described in Actions to set tags - tutorial.