TheĀ Components page displays the configuration options and activity for all the components that make up the Tachyon platform.

On this page:

The Components table

The following table provides a description of the columns in the Components table:

HostnameThe hostname of the server where the component is installed.
NameThe name of the component.
TypeThe type of the component. This is entirely determined by the component. Examples are: Catalog, Data Sync, Reclaimer Uninstall and Engine.
EnabledA check in this column shows that the component is enabled. If this cell for a component is blank the component is disabled.
URLThis shows a URL that can be used to access the component. For example: http://ACME-TCN01.ACME.LOCAL/CatalogWeb/api/ for accessing the 1ECatalog component on a particular installation.
VersionThe version number for the component. For example the 1ECatalog component may have a version number of
Last activityThis shows the last time the component was active.