Steps for creating the Tags instruction set containing instructions for setting, deleting and querying coverage and freeform tags.


To creating the Tags instruction set, you will need the following:

  • A Tachyon administrator will need the following role permissions:
    • Instruction Set  Administrators role to upload the 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore Product Pack instructions and assign them to a new instruction set.
On this page:

Creating the Tags instruction set

The steps below create an instruction set called Tags. Users who are members of the built-in system roles Global Questioners, Global Actioners and Global Approvers will automatically then be able to use these instructions on all devices.

The Tags instruction set will contain 17 instructions from the 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore Product Pack described in the table below. The product pack filename is and is downloaded as part of the Tachyon Product Packs zip file from the 1E Support Portal.

First upload the instructions:

  1. Logon to the Tachyon Portal using a Tachyon user account with the Permissions Administrators and Instructions Administrators roles.
  2. Open the Settings application.
  3. Navigate to the Settings→Instructions→Instruction sets page.
  4. Click on the Upload button.
  5. In the Open dialog navigate to the location of the file.
  6. Select and click Open.

Over 100 instructions contained in the zip file will initially be added to the default Unassigned instruction set. Instructions in the Unassigned instruction set cannot be used, so you will need to select and add the tag instructions to a new instruction set:

  1. Click on the Unassigned folder
  2. Enter tag into the search field to filter the tag instructions, some other instructions may also be visible
  3. Select the 17 tag instructions to add to the new set, by clicking the checkbox at the start of each instruction row in the list.
  4. Click the Add new set button in the button panel to the right of the page.
  5. In the Add new instruction set popup subsequently displayed, type Tags as the name.
  6. Optionally select a custom icon file.
  7. Ensure that the Include 17 selected instructions checkbox is checked.
  8. Click the Add button to add the new instruction set, with the selected instructions.

Tag instructions in the 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore product pack zip

Instruction file nameInstruction text (ReadablePayload)TypeVersion
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CreateEmptyFreeformTagCreate an empty freeform tag named <tagname>.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-DeleteAllCoverageTagsDelete all coverage tags.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-DeleteAllFreeformTagsDelete all freeform tags.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-DeleteCoverageTagDelete coverage tag named <tagname>.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-DeleteFreeformTagDelete freeform tag named <tagname>.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CheckIfCoverageTagExistsDoes coverage tag <tagname> exist?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CheckIfFreeformTagExistsDoes freeform tag <tagname> exist?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CountCoverageTagsHow many coverage tags are there?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CountFreeformTagsHow many freeform tags are there?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CheckIfCoverageTagHasGivenValueIs coverage tag <tagname> set to <tagvalue>?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-CheckIfFreeformTagHasGivenValueIs freeform tag <tagname> set to <tagvalue>?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-SetCoverageTagSet coverage tag <tagname> to <tagvalue>.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-SetFreeFormTagSet freeform tag <tagname> to <tagvalue>.Action2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-GetAllCoverageTagsWhat are the coverage tags?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-GetAllFreeformTagsWhat are the freeform tags?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-GetCoverageTagWhat is the value of the coverage tag <tagname>?Question2
1E-Explorer-TachyonCore-GetFreeformTagWhat is the value of the freeform tag <tagname>?Question2