A step-by-step guide to interactively installing the Tachyon toolkit.

Installing the Tachyon toolkit

The installer MSI file for the Tachyon toolkit is TachyonToolkit.msi and will run only on Windows operating systems.

The installer is found in the Installers folder of the  TachyonPlatform zip file, which can be downloaded from 1E Support Portal ( More information about the TachyonPlatform zip can be found in Tachyon Setup: Required installation files.

The installer can be run interactively by simply double-clicking on the installer MSI or invoking it from a command-prompt using the following suggested command-line: 

>msiexec /i TachyonToolkit.msi /l*v TachyonToolkitInstaller.log

The following panels describe each screen of the Tachyon toolkit installer.

On this page:


On the welcome screen, just click Next to continue.

License Agreement

You must read and then accept this license information by clicking the I accept the terms in the license agreement  option before you can continue with the installation. Once this is done click Next.

Custom Setup

On the Custom Setup screen you can select the program features that you want to install.

There are currently two options:

  • Tachyon Toolkit
  • Tachyon ConfigMgr UI Extensions (this program feature is only enabled if the Configuration Manager console is detected on the local computer)

You can also choose to install the Tachyon toolkit to a different folder using the file/folder browser displayed when you click the Change... button.

The default installation directory for the Tachyon toolkit is:


To accept the selected program features and the default or changed directory click Next to continue.

Tachyon Server

When installing the Configuration Manager extensions you will also need to specify the DNS Alias FQDN of the Tachyon Server, which is the same as used in the Tachyon Server installation.

Ready to Install the Program

Once you have finished entering all the parameters, you can begin the installation by clicking on the Install button on this screen.


After the installation has completed, you can click the Finish button on this screen.