The License information page shows details of the current license status and lets you reactivate your license if any changes have been made.

In the Products section, under Features, you can see which consumers you are able to use, and which type of instructions you can run according to their prefix pattern. Available consumers and prefixes are listed below under License requirements for consumer applications.

License information page

Reactivating licenses

To reactivate a license after it has been updated by 1E, all you need to do is to click the Reactivate button on the License information page. It takes a few minutes to retrieve the new license information and the page caches its displayed information for around 10 minutes. After this time you can update the view by clicking the Refresh button, which updates the information displayed on the page and in the lower right-hand corner of the browser. This will all take place with no disruption to Tachyon.

If you do happen to encounter any issues with reactivating your license, please contact 1E Support for details on the alternative way to get your license updated successfully. Please refer to Troubleshooting: 1E Support contact details on how to contact 1E Support.

License requirements for consumer applications

For any application, tool or feature to use instructions, its consumer and prefix pattern must be registered in your license. The table below shows the consumers and prefix patterns that are typically included in a Tachyon license. The table also includes other applications where instructions - and therefore licensing - is not applicable. Tachyon expects to find the license file in: %PROGRAMDATA%\1E\Licensing on your Tachyon (Master Stack) Server.

Application or FeatureConsumer namePrefix patternsWhere to obtain the Product PackNotes

You will need prefixes for any Tachyon instructions you want to use, including custom prefixes for your own and/or thrird party.

Included in the Tachyon license are:

  • 1E-Exchange-*
  • 1E-Explorer-*
  • 1E-TachyonPlatform-*

Explorer application provides functionality to run, approve and schedule instructions, view Tachyon managed devices. Used to investigate, remediate issues and manage operations across all your endpoints in real-time.

If you want to use instructions developed by third parties, your own developers, or 1E developers on your behalf, then you must ask 1E to register the third party and customer prefixes in your license. Please refer to Developing your own instructions.

You cannot create or update instructions using other prefixes because they must be signed by others.

Guaranteed StateGuaranteedState
  • 1E-Explorer-*

(only required for instructions included in the Integrated Product Packs - this pattern is not required to use Guaranteed State)

Guaranteed State application ensures endpoint compliance to enterprise IT policies. The application allows you to manage rules and policies, and report on compliance.
  • 1E-Inventory-*
  • Tachyon Platform zip available on the Support Portal includes the following classic Product Pack and instruction set:
    • 1E Inventory includes 1E Inventory instructions for Tachyon Powered Inventory

Inventory application is used to view and export inventory, and manage associations (new in 5.0).

Inventory data can be captured from various sources using connectors. Data is consolidated, normalized and stored in inventory repositories. The Tachyon connector is one method of collecting data, and this uses four inventory instructions which are available in the 1E Inventory Product Pack. This pack also includes another instruction used by Patch Success.

The 1E-Inventory Product Pack replaces 1E-Inventory-ProductPacks previously included in the installation of the SLA component of the Tachyon platform.

SettingsPlatformN/AN/AThe Settings application is used to administer Tachyon. For example, permissions management, instruction set management, connector management, repository management, sync scheduling etc.

The Experience application allows you to measure performance, stability and responsiveness for applications and devices to assess user experience across your enterprise.

Experience derives a score based on 44 metrics across three categories:

  • Stability
  • Responsiveness
  • Performance.

AppClarity AppClarityN/AN/A

AppClarity is a Tachyon application aimed at Software Asset Management (SAM) users, helping you get to grips with software waste, take control of license compliance and manage application portfolios easily. It offers an immediate reduction in software costs by helping you manage your software assets on desktops more effectively and maintain software license compliance.

The main benefits of using AppClarity are:

  • Software license compliance – provides at a summary on whether a particular product is license compliant or not
  • Efficient management of entitlements and agreements for an organisation
  • Software waste identification – shows unused or rarely used software which are probably the two largest form of software waste and enables to reclaim
  • License Demand based on different metrics for vendors
  • Efficient application management – identifies version sprawl where there are many versions of the same product in use.

Now, you can financially quantify all software waste by identifying and controlling unused software across your enterprise and improve your compliance status.

Application MigrationApplicationMigrationN/AN/A

Application Migration intelligently automates the migration of applications during a Configuration Manager OS deployment. Using migration rules (defined by an administrator), previously installed applications can be reinstalled, upgraded or replaced with an alternative during an OS deployment task sequence.

These rules can include usage criteria, allowing you to choose to only install previously installed applications if they were being used, or perhaps replace a rarely used application with a less costly alternative. This functionality enables applications to be actively rationalized during an OS migration exercise, standardizing on products and versions and reclaiming unused software.

Patch Success

  • 1E-PatchSuccess-*

Patch Success is a Tachyon application that lets you maximize success of enterprise-wide patch deployment. It provides a view of patch state of your estate, as well as supplementing your existing patch deployment methods.

Required instructions need to be licensed as well as the consumer. Three instructions are available in the 1E Patch Success Product Pack and another one in the 1E Inventory Product Pack.

Tachyon Configuration Manager UI extensions



  • 1E-ConfigMgrConsoleExtensions-*
The Configuration Manager Console extensions is installed as part of The Tachyon Toolkit.

Tachyon Run Instruction (command-line tool)


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The Tachyon Run Instruction command-line tool is installed as part of The Tachyon Toolkit.
1E ITSM ConnectServiceNowCore

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1E ITSM Connect (with 1E Core) allows ServiceNow users to use any instruction that is permissioned for the 1E ITSM Connect app user role.

Nomad Download PauseNomad
  • 1E-Nomad-*
  • Nomad zip available on the Support Portal contains:
    • NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi installer. If the installer account has relevant permissions in Tachyon the 1E-Nomad Product Pack is automatically uploaded to provide two Tachyon instructions for the Nomad Download Pause feature

The NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi installer also automatically registers the Nomad consumer, and creates the Nomad Core Instructions instruction set, if the installer account has relevant permissions.

Nomad Download Pause feature requires an installation of ActiveEfficiency Server.

Additional consumers and tools can be developed by third parties, your developers, or 1E developers on your behalf. 1E must register their consumer names in the Tachyon license.