Many businesses rely on Configuration Manager to deploy software, patches and updates across their company networks. It is crucial that Configuration Manager is working effectively.

The Microsoft SCCM Client Health policy monitors Configuration Manager client health and performance. It checks for cache availability, inventory cycles, service availability and Configuration Manager WMI integrity - common causes of Configuration Manager client problems on devices.

The Microsoft SCCM Client Health policy covers all the following:

  • Manages Configuration Manager clients that are not functioning correctly and identifies root cause issues
  • Ensures optimum performance of the Configuration Manager client hierarchy
  • Checks Configuration Manager client reported inventory data in last X days
  • Confirms CcmExec services for effective change management
  • Checks the Configuration Manager client has registered base WMI classes
  • Checks the Configuration Manager client is using less than 50% of its content cache.

This policy is intended for deployment to Windows devices only.

Important considerations

Before deploying the Microsoft SCCM Client Health Policy you need to be familiar with its contents and comfortable that you want to apply it to the devices in your network.

By default, automated fixes in the Policies provided by 1E are not enabled, this means you will have to specifically enable the ones you want to use before they can take effect.

A new or updated Policy should first be verified by deploying it to a Management Group containing a small number of devices, reviewing the Guaranteed State reports, and confirming the checks and enabled fixes are working as expected.

When you are comfortable with the results you can then deploy to larger Management Groups.

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Microsoft SCCM Client Health Policy Reference

For details on the policy, rules, triggers, preconditions, checks and fixes available in the Microsoft SCCM Client Health Policy please refer to Microsoft SCCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack.





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