Providers can be used by applications to leverage external tools to perform specific operations. For example the reclaim provider enables software to be uninstalled, thereby extending the functionality of the platform to include uninstallation.

On this page:

If you have added at least one System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) connector you will now have the option to uninstall software using SCCM and to use Test CM Connection. To enable this option you'll need to:

  1. Select SCCM Uninstall and click Edit.
  2. Click the SCCM Uninstall option and complete the displayed form (see below), then click Save.
  3. Check SCCM Uninstall to select it and click Test CM Connection.
  4. If the test is successful a green tick is displayed in the Test status column.

When you add your first SCCM connector, you'll see the SCCM Uninstall provider option. If you have multiple SCCM connectors it's only when you have deleted the last SCCM connector, that the option for Provider SCCM is uninstalled.

Edit provider configuration options:

SCCM ServerEnter the name of the Configuration Manager server. In our example this is ACME-CM01.

The credentials for provider SCCM Uninstall may differ from those used for your System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) connector. Make sure the credentials used here have SCCM administrator rights.

SCCM Uninstall must be run under an account that's a member of the dbcreator server role on the database server where the SCCM database is hosted, in our example this would be CM_CM1 on ACME-SQL01.

SCCM PasswordThe password for the SCCM account.

Provider configuration SCCM

Provider configuration table

The columns in the table are described below:

TypeThis indicates the type of the provider. At this time only the Reclaimer provider is supplied, this has an Uninstall type.
NameThis displays the name of the provider. The only default provider supplied with the Tachyon 5.0 release is the Reclaimer provider. When you have at least one SCCM connector configured in Tachyon you will also have the option to use an additional SCCM provider.
EnabledThis indicates whether the provider is enabled. If this cell contains a check the provider is enabled. If this cell is empty the provider is disabled.
Test statusIf you have added an SCCM connector, this cell tells you if you have successfully tested the connection to your SCCM server.