How to refine responses by asking follow-up questions.

Follow-up questions

Tachyon lets you build on top of initial questions by asking follow-up questions. Those questions may themselves have follow-up questions and so on. The purpose of the follow-up questions is either to constrain the responses further, acting as a kind of super filter, or to get additional information from the devices in the initial responses.

The example

To illustrate the use of follow-up questions we will use a scenarios where an administrator wants to find out which users are currently logged on to just the Windows devices that have previously been tagged with an ACMEDEPLOY Phase 3 value coverage tag.

On this page:

A user with permissions to ask questions, in our example TCNActioner01, is logged on to Tachyon.  

The animation opposite shows the following steps:

  1. On the Tachyon Explorer home page, type in coverage to find and then select the What are the coverage tags? question.
  2. Click the Ask this question button.
  3. Responses are sent back from the Tachyon client devices showing the coverage tags applied to each of the devices
  4. Filter the responses to show just those with the Phase 3 value set. This is done by clicking on the Filter results button, which expands the Filter results panel. 
  5. Enter the text Phase 3 into the Values edit field and then click Search to apply the filter. The responses change to display just the Phase 3 tagged devices. 
  6. Now click the Follow-up question button to ask a question of just these devices. Doing this displays the Questions tab with the original question and filter displayed above the usual question edit field.
  7. Type How many to find and then select the How many of each operating system version are installed? question.
  8. Click Ask this question, at the bottom of the page
  9. Responses to the new question are sent back from the Tachyon client devices that pass the original question and filter. In this case it provides responses from just the Phase 3 tagged devices
  10. From these follow-up responses the Os Type of the devices can be used to filter and just display the Windows devices. To do this Expand the Filter results panel, type Windows in the Os Type field and then click the Search button. Notice how the Linux device has been filtered out.
  11. Click the Follow-up question button to create a second follow-up question. Again the follow-up Questions tab is displayed, this time with the follow-up question and filter displayed.
  12. Type the word logged into the edit field to find and then select the Who is currently logged in? question.
  13. Click the Ask this question button.
  14. Now the responses to the second follow-up question display the logged on users for just the Windows devices that have been tagged with the Phase 3 value for the ACMEDEPLOY coverage tag. Job done.
  15. If the user wants to monitor how they got to this point they can look at the Trail, over on the left of the responses table
  16. Going from top to bottom they can see they asked What are the coverage tags?, then How many of each operating system version are installed? and finally Who is currently logged in?