Connects the Tachyon and SLA components to support Management group and Tachyon Powered Inventory features. The Tachyon Powered Inventory feature uses instructions to fetch inventory data from Tachyon clients, and is a prerequisite for Patch Success.

This configuration procedure assumes you will always use the Tachyon Connector to synchronize Management groups, and optionally import data for the Tachyon Powered Inventory feature.

The following steps are always required:

  • Create a Tachyon user for account ACME\SLATACHYON with Management Group Sync Initiators role
  • Configure the Tachyon Connector to provide Management Group Synchronization
  • Test the connector.

The following steps are only required if intending to use the Tachyon Powered Inventory feature:

  • Create an instruction set called 1E Inventory, and upload its instructions
  • Create a custom role called 1E Inventory Questioners, assign questioner permission on the instruction set, assign to All Devices, and add the Tachyon user as a role member
  • Execute the Tachyon Connector Sync Data action.

To understand synchronization, please refer to How Management Group Synchronization works. For information about how to configure and use Management groups please refer to Management groups page.

Tachyon Powered Inventory is used to populate an inventory repository with inventory and usage data by using instructions which collect data from Tachyon clients. It is required by the Patch Success application. For details of how these instructions are used, please refer to How Tachyon Powered Inventory works.


Before adding the Tachyon connector, you will need the following:

  • A domain user account dedicated for use by the Tachyon connector, that will be configured as a Tachyon user. This is effectively like a service account. In our examples this is ACME\SLATACHYON.
  • A Tachyon user with Global Administrator role permissions, to configure the connector and related tasks. Or alternatively a user with more granular role permissions:
    • If the connector is only used to support Management groups, then your administrator will need the following role permissions:
      • Connector Administrators role in order to add or configure the connector.
      • Permissions Administrators role in order to create the above Tachyon user.
      • Log Viewers role to aid troubleshooting (optional).
      • Management Group Administrators to create and update Management groups (optional).
  • If the connector also used to support the Tachyon Powered Inventory feature then you will also need the following:
    • The Tachyon Inventory Product Pack for Inventory instructions used to get data from Tachyon clients.
    • An appropriate Tachyon License to permit using Tachyon connector inventory instructions. This is normally included in a standard Tachyon license.
    • Your Tachyon user will need the following role permissions in addition to the ones listed above:
      • Instruction Set Administrators role to upload the Tachyon Inventory Product Pack instructions and assign them to a new instruction set.
      • Inventory Administrators role to populate an inventory repository.
      • Schedule Administrators role to schedule a Sync using the connector.
On this page:

Creating the user

These steps create the Tachyon user required by the Tachyon Connector and assigns it to the Management Group Sync Initiators system role.

You need a domain user account in Active Directory, in our example this is ACME\SLATACHYON.

  1. Logon to the Tachyon Portal using a Tachyon user account with a Permissions Administrators role.
  2. Open the Settings application.
  3. Navigate to the Settings→Permissions→Users page.
    1. Click on the Add button, doing this displays the Add user popup.
    2. In the Select user field type the name, or part of the name, for the Active Directory user or security group that you want to add. A list of matching names will be retrieved from Active Directory and displayed as you type, these are filtered so that users or groups that have already been added do not appear.
    3. Select the Active Directory user or security group from the list of matching names displayed in the drop-down list. In our example this is ACME\SLATACHYON.
    4. Click Add.
  4. On the Settings→Permissions→Users page, click on the user's name link for ACME\SLATACHYON.
    1. On the User: SLATACHYON page click the Edit button to display the Edit roles assigned to user popup.
    2. Select Management Group Sync Initiators.
    3. Click the Save button.

If you only intend using the Management Group feature then proceed with Configuring the Tachyon connector immediately below.

If you intend using the Tachyon Powered Inventory feature then proceed with Creating the 1E Inventory Instruction Set further below. The Tachyon Powered Inventory feature is a prerequisite for Patch Success.

Configuring the Tachyon connector

These steps add and test a Tachyon connector:

  1. Navigate to SettingsConfigurationConnectors
  2. Click on the Add button.
  3. In the Add connector popup select the Tachyon type.
  4. In Connector name, use the default Tachyon.

  5. In URL, enter location of the Tachyon consumer, in following format


    Please note that, as stated above /consumer must be included in the URL, in the same way that Tachyon needs to be added to <TachyonDNSAliasFQDN> when a Tachyon users browses to the Tachyon Portal.

    In our example the URL is https://tachyon.acme.local/consumer .

  6. In User Name, enter the name of the Tachyon user that has permission to run the Tachyon Inventory instructions. In our example this user is ACME\SLATACHYON.
  7. In Password, enter the password for this account.
  8. Leave the other fields empty.
  9. Check the Run Consolidation Reports checkbox if you want consolidation actions to be processed each time the Sync Data action is executed for the connector.

    This can lead to unnecessary processing if you enable this on more than one connector. The recommended method of processing consolidation actions is to schedule the action Generate Report - Basic Inventory Consolidation  to execute after the Sync Data actions have run for all connectors. This will execute the remaining consolidation actions. Alternatively check the Run Consolidation Reports checkbox on one of your connectors. You can view action processes in Settings→Process log

    The Run Consolidation Reports  checkbox is available only if you have installed the latest Accumulated Hotfix for Tachyon Platform SLA. This is enabled by default and requires the hotfix in order to disable it. 

  10. Click Add.

You should then test the connector:

  1. Select the connector you want to test from the list of Connectors by checking the box at the left-hand end of the connector's row.
  2. Click the Test button.
  3. The Test status column for the connector will display a clock icon  indicating that the test has been queued for executing.
  4. If the test succeeds Test status will display a check icon  and the Last tested column will display the date and time the test succeeded.
  5. If the test fails the Test status will display a failed icon  and you'll need to check the details you entered for the connector.

If you have access to the Process log you can see an entry for the Test action.

The test does not confirm the presence or permissions for the Tachyon Powered Inventory instruction set and its instructions. You will test these later if you intend using the Tachyon Powered Inventory, after you have created its instruction set. The Tachyon Powered Inventory feature is a prerequisite for Patch Success.

If you only intend using the Management Group feature then you have completed the configuration. For information about how to configure and use Management groups please refer to Management groups page.

If you intend using the Tachyon Powered Inventory feature then proceed with Creating the 1E Inventory Instruction Set immediately below.

Do not run the Tachyon Connector yet. If you are using this connector for Tachyon Powered Inventory then you will need to create an instruction set for the 1E Inventory instructions used by the connector. The Tachyon Powered Inventory feature is a prerequisite for Patch Success.

Creating the 1E Inventory Instruction Set

These steps are only required if you will be using Tachyon Powered Inventory. They create an instruction set called 1E Inventory and a custom role called 1E Inventory Questioners, and assign them to the Tachyon user you created in Creating a user, in our example this is ACME\SLATACHYON.

The 1E Inventory instruction set will contain the 5 instructions listed in the following table: 

Instruction text (ReadablePayload)TypeDescriptionInstruction file nameVersion

Which processors are in the device? With a stagger of <limitSecs> seconds.

QuestionProcessor details

Inventory - what is the summary of file usage since <startDate>? With a stagger of <limitSecs> seconds.

QuestionProcess Usage data inventory for SLA

Inventory - what software is installed? With a stagger of <limitSecs> seconds.

QuestionSoftware inventory for SLA

Inventory - summary of which users have logged on since <startDate>? With a stagger of <limitSecs> seconds.

QuestionUser data inventory for SLA

Returns patch status for 1E Inventory consumption, staggering for <limitSecs> seconds.

The 1E-PatchSuccess-PatchStatus instruction is not required if you do not intend using the Patch Success application, and will not run if you do not have a license for Patch Success. For more information about configuring Patch Success please refer to Configuring Patch Success.

This instruction is part of this 1E Inventory instruction set used by the Tachyon Connector. Do not move it to the 1E Patch Success instruction set used by the buttons visible in the Patch Success application.

QuestionReturns patch status for 1E Inventory consumption

You can use the Product Pack Deployment tool to simultaneously Upload the instructions and Create the Instruction set, or uses the manual steps below. Either way, you will then need to Assign a role to the Instruction set.

These instructions are included in the 1E Inventory product pack, available in the file downloaded from the 1E Support Portal.

Before Tachyon version 5.0, this product pack was copied to disk during installation of Tachyon, and was found in C:\ProgramData\1E\SLA Platform\TachyonProductPack\Inventory\4.x.x.

Upload the instructions

First upload the instructions:

  1. Download the file from the 1E Support Portal .
  2. Extract the from the Classic folder
  3. Logon to the Tachyon Portal using a Tachyon user account with the Permissions Administrators and Instructions Administrators roles.
  4. Open the Settings application.
  5. Navigate to the Settings→Instructions→Instruction sets page.
  6. Click on the Upload button.
  7. In the Open dialog navigate to the location of the file.
  8. Select and click Open.

Create the Instruction set

All the instructions contained in the zip file will initially be added to the default Unassigned instruction set. Instructions in the Unassigned instruction set cannot be used, so first you will need to create a new instruction set with the verification instructions.

  1. Select the 5 instructions you want to add to the new set, by clicking the checkbox at the start of each instruction row in the list.
  2. Click the Add new set button in the button panel to the right of the page.
  3. In the Add new instruction set popup subsequently displayed, and type:
    1. 1E Inventory as the name.
    2. Tachyon Powered Inventory as the description.
  4. Ensure that the Include 5 selected instructions checkbox is checked.
  5. Click the Add button to add the new instruction set, with the selected instructions.

Assign a role to the Instruction set

To create a custom role:

  1. Navigate to the Settings→Permissions→Roles page.
  2. Click the Add button to start the add role process.
  3. In the Add role popup subsequently displayed set the name as 1E Inventory Questioners and click the Add button.
  4. The new role will be added to the Roles table. Locate its entry and click on the link in the Name column for that row.
  5. Select the Permissions tab and click the Add button.
    1. In the Add permission popup subsequently displayed, scroll down the Type list and select Instruction set.
    2. Scroll down the Name list and select the 1E Inventory instruction set.
    3. Select the Questioner checkbox from the list of permissions.
    4. Click the Add button.
  6. Select the Management groups tab and click the Add button.
    1. In the Add management group popup subsequently displayed, scroll down the list and select All Devices.
    2. Click the Add button. 
  7. Select the Members tab and click the Add button.
    1. In the Add role member popup subsequently displayed, search for the user, in our example this is SLATACHYON.
    2. Click the Add button.

Only select All Devices. Other Management groups may rely on data you collect using the instructions run by the Tachyon connector, therefore you need the instructions to run on All Devices.

Only select the specified user (SLATACHYON). Do not assign permissions to other users or roles, because these instructions are specifically for the Tachyon Powered Inventory feature, and run for long periods as described in How Tachyon Powered Inventory works. The above steps will limit access to the instructions only to the specified user, and global administrators. 


To review the user:

  1. Navigate to the Settings→Permissions→Users page.
  2. Click on the user's name link for ACME\SLATACHYON and confirm you can see the two roles:
    1. Management Group Sync Initiators - System
    2. 1E Inventory Questioners - Custom

Configure the Tachyon Connector

Follow the steps in Configuring the Tachyon connector and then return to Executing the Tachyon Connector Sync Data action.

Executing the Tachyon Connector Sync Data action

These steps are only required if you will be using Tachyon Powered Inventory. When you've finished setting up the Tachyon connector you will then need to synchronize it to populate an inventory repository with the data from Tachyon.

You can execute the Tachyon Connector Sync Data action in the same way as other connectors, manually or using a schedule, however the Tachyon connector manages its actions differently to other connectors.

Manual test

First, you should run the Sync Data action manually to confirm it works, in particular to test the user permissions and its ability to run the instructions.

In each case, for our example, you will be running the Sync Data - Tachyon action on the default inventory repository called Default inventory. This will run a sequence of 5 instructions that run over a period of 1 week.

Do not schedule to run more frequently than every week. To understand why, please refer to How Tachyon Powered Inventory works.

You can also review the results as they come in by reviewing the instruction history.

  1. Switch to the Explorer application.
  2. Navigate to the Instructions→History page.
  3. Observe that all 5 instructions are running with a duration of 7 days. This allows any devices coming online during that period will respond.
  4. Click on any of the 5 instructions to review the response content and status.

When you create the weekly schedule for Sync Data - Tachyon you may wish for it to first run when the manual test is due to complete. Alternatively you can stop each of the instructions, as described in Explorer→Instructions→History STOP.

If you want to review in detail the data that was imported into the inventory repository, navigate to the SLA Inventory pages:

https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/platform

where <tachyon DNS Name FQDN> is the one set up during the preparation phase, as described under the heading Preparation: DNS Names.

  1. The Inventory→By Product page shows software details retrieved from the devices that have Tachyon clients.
  2. The Inventory→By Device page shows hardware and OS details for devices that have Tachyon clients. 
  3. The Inventory→Product Usage page shows the software product usage that has been retrieved from devices that have Tachyon clients.

The above data from Tachyon clients may be consolidated with data from other inventory sources using their inventory connectors.

How Management Group Synchronization works

The SLA components are responsible for storing information about management groups, including group definitions and membership in the SLA databases. Tachyon maintains a synchronized copy in the Tachyon Master databases. Whenever SLA Engine evaluates group membership and it detects changes it notifies Tachyon by initiating a sync. Tachyon Coordinator service receives the sync, fetches the changes, and updates the Tachyon Master database. To contact Tachyon, the SLA Engine uses the URL of the Consumer defined in the Tachyon Connector and the Network Service account is a member of the Tachyon system role Management Group Sync Initiators role.

Membership evaluations occur whenever an inventory repository is updated by a manual or scheduled Connector Sync Data action, or the Evaluate button is pressed, as described in the Management groups page.

How Tachyon Powered Inventory works

1E Inventory instructions

The Tachyon connector works differently compared with other connectors. Other connectors import data in a single operation, whereas a Tachyon connector sync issues a set of instructions, and then makes a series of regular polls to collect responses while the instructions are still running. By default, the instructions run for one week, ensuring that each device responds at least once a week, if online. The default behavior is controlled using settings for the inventory repository in the SLA-Data database. These must not be changed unless otherwise instructed by 1E.

When a Tachyon connector sync is actioned, either manually using Create a new action, or as a scheduled sync, the following happens.

  1. The SLA Engine asks Tachyon to run each instruction
    • Each instruction runs for 1 week, known as a gather period
    • Tachyon sends each instruction to all devices at the same time
    • Devices respond immediately if they are online, or catch-up shortly after coming online
    • Each device will respond only once to each instruction during the gather period
    • Each instruction has a short random delay before the device sends its response back to the Tachyon server
    • Responses are stored in the Tachyon database and only deleted at the end of the gather period plus a 10-minute keep period
  2. The SLA Engine regularly polls Tachyon 
    • The first poll is 10 minutes after starting the instruction run, and fetches all the responses so far
    • Subsequent polls are at regular 24 hour intervals until the end of the 1-week gather period  to fetch responses from devices that were previously offline
    • Data is stored in the inventory repository, and kept after the Tachyon deletes its copy of the date

Devices only appear in the inventory repository if they respond, or if they have previously responded to a previous sync.

Tachyon has minimal impact on the network and client devices when the instructions are run and responses are sent back to the Tachyon server. The low impact is further reduced by the random delay used by each instruction.

During each poll there is a small performance impact on the Tachyon server (master stack) and SLA components, when the initial responses are processed, and when the deltas are processed for subsequent polls, for other machines coming online.

Tachyon client configuration

Process and User usage capture is available only on Windows devices.

Tachyon Agent for Windows version 3.2 or later, or 1E Client 4.1 or later is required, with the following Tachyon client features enabled:

  • Module.Inventory.Enabled=true (default, and this setting is visible in the 1E Client configuration file)
  • Module.Inventory.ProcessUsage.Enabled=true (default - in 3.3 this was also true by default, but in 4.0 it was false by default)
  • Module.Inventory.UserUsage.Enabled=true (default)

For more detail about configuring these and other settings in 1E Client, please refer to Tachyon client settings: Inventory module settings.

Tachyon License details

Ensure your Tachyon License file has the Inventory consumer enabled and includes the pattern for 1E-Inventory-*

You can view your Tachyon license details using either of the following methods:

  • in the Tachyon Admin web portal, under License info, look in the Products section and expand Features and instruction items
  • in the license file Tachyon.LIC found in C:\ProgramData\1E\Licensing

If the pattern does not exist, then the 1E-Inventory instructions will not run. You may have an old version of Tachyon, or your license needs to be updated.

      <Feature name="TachyonPlatform">
        <Consumer name="Inventory" enable="on"></Consumer>
        <Instructions signersha="F08386A5318A8187D79B0A58253C65CB4E442570" pattern="1E-Inventory-*"> </Instructions>