How to upload the Product Packs provided with the Tachyon release.

1E provides a number of Guaranteed State policies and Instructions with the Tachyon release on the support portal.

Getting started

Integrated Product Packs are loaded into Tachyon using the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool. For more details please refer to Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool.

Account permissions

The account used to run the Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe must:

  • have local administrator rights on the computer it is running on
  • exist as a Tachyon user with the following administrator rights:
    • Guaranteed State administrator
    • Instruction Set administrator.

On this page:

Locating the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool

This is now included in the Tachyon Platform zip file under the ProductPacks folder.

This folder holds the Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe (and its supporting files) used to upload the Classic and Integrated Product Packs into Tachyon.

What's in the ProductPacks folder?

The ProductPacks folder contains two directories, Classic and Integrated

  • The Classic directory holds a number of Classic Product Packs that contain Tachyon Instructions.
  • The Integrated directory holds a number of Integrated Product Packs that contain definitions for some Guaranteed State Policies, associated Fragments and Instructions. In addition a core utilities pack has been provided with common Fragments that you can use to build your own Policies.

Uploading Integrated Product Packs

After installation, Guaranteed State has no immediately available policies, you will first need to load some from the tachyonproductpacks.<version>.zip file - this can be done using the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool. The video displayed opposite shows how this is done using the following steps:

Checking the status of Guaranteed State just after installation

  1. Log on to the Tachyon portal as a Guaranteed State administrator and navigate to the Guaranteed State→Overview page.
  2. Before running the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool, you will see at the top of the Overview page that there are 0 Policies available.

Running the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool

  1. Navigate to the directory where the tachyonproductpacks.<version>.zip file has been unzipped.
  2. You will see two directories: Classic and Integrated
  3. Navigate to the Integrated directory.
  4. Double-click on Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe.
  5. Click on Yes in any UAC dialog displayed.
  6. The Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool v5.0 dialog will appear.
    • You must specify the URL of the Tachyon Consumer API in the Server field and then click on Test Connection to verify that you have entered the correct value. If you run the tool on the Tachyon Server, the tool will automatically prefill the URL.
    • The Style column of the Available Product Packs table indicates whether each Product Pack is Classic or Integrated. The Available Product Packs table will be populated with all the Product Pack zip files encountered in the directory the tool was launched from and all its sub-directories.

    • The Select all box can be used to select or deselect all the items in the Available Product Packs table.

  7. There are five Integrated Product Packs provided with the release and these are listed, and also selected, in the Available Product Packs table:
  8. Uploading Product Packs is done by clicking the Upload selected button, which uploads all the selected items in the Available Product Packs table.
  9. The progress of the upload is displayed in the Results field. When the upload has finished the word Done. will be displayed in the Results field.
  10. After uploading has completed you can click the Close button on the deployment tool.

You can specify the parameters on the command-line as decribed in Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool:

-url "<ConsumerAPI>" for example: -url "https://tachyon.acme.local/Consumer".

-log <level> for example -log DEBUG