How to set up Tachyon Server and deploy Tachyon clients, including a guide to upgrading.

At its minimum, Tachyon consists of two components: Tachyon Server and 1E Client (with Tachyon features enabled). Additionally, you may install Tachyon applications on the server.

You install Tachyon Server and its applications using Tachyon Setup

You deploy 1E Client on Windows PCs using the MSI installer, or if you have Configuration Manager you can use 1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA).

In this section...

  • Tachyon SetupUsing the Tachyon Setup wizard to check prerequisites, configure, install and verify Tachyon Server, install Tachyon applications, and perform various maintenance tasks.
  • Tachyon Server post-installation tasksPost-installation tasks, which include verification checks and mandatory and optional configuration tasks.
  • Implementing a Tachyon DMZ ServerThe process for installing a Tachyon DMZ Server to support Internet-facing Tachyon clients.
  • Deploying Tachyon clientsTachyon client features are provided by the 1E Client, which also provides client modules for Nomad, PXE Everywhere, Shopping/WSA, and WakeUp.
  • Uninstalling TachyonHow to tidy up after uninstalling Tachyon. Follow these recommendations if you want to reinstall Tachyon instead of upgrading.
  • Upgrading TachyonGuidance for upgrading Tachyon.
  • Tachyon Product Pack deployment toolA description of the Tachyon Product Pack deployment tool.