Viewing the instruction history, navigating instructions using the tasks page and scheduling instructions. This page describes how the Instructions section of the Explorer interface works and how it relates to the running of instructions.

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How the History and individual Instruction Responses pages work.


How to use Tachyon's Task-based user interface to select and configure instructions.

Scheduling instructions

Scheduling instructions.

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Instructions must be loaded into Tachyon before it can be used to question or perform actions on your network. For more details please refer to Instruction sets page.

Questions and actions

There are two types of instruction: questions and actions. When an instruction is run it returns a table of responses, for questions the responses are the answers to the question - for actions the responses are the results of running the action. Questions do not require approval. Actions must be approved before they can be run.

The History page

When an instruction is run an entry appears in a table on the History page. The responses for an individual question or an action can be viewed by clicking on its entry in the History page table. This page also supports search and filtering of the instruction history and interacting with the instruction entries, for example to re-run a question.

For more details please refer to History.

The Tasks page

Questions may be asked from the Home page using the edit field which presents a list of matching questions as you type text into the field, please refer to Explorer Home page, questions and responses for more details. This is useful if you know the name of the question you want to ask. From the Home page you can also view the available questions using the All questions button, which displays a list of the questions that have been loaded into Tachyon and can also be organized by Instruction Set.

The Tasks page also lets you browse instructions, this time organized into a hierarchy of Task groups, where each Task group denotes a particular functional area and may be broken down into more specific functional areas. For example the Systems Management Task group could contain a Software Distribution Task group and then any instructions related to software distribution would appear there. A single instruction can also appear in more than one Task group. Another difference between the Tasks page and the Home page is that you can run actions directly from the Tasks page, whereas from the home page you must first run a question and then run an action as a follow-on to that question. The last difference is that instructions may be scheduled from the Tasks page but not from the Home page.

For more details please refer to Tasks.

The Scheduling page

Tachyon now allows instructions to be scheduled from the Tasks page. This enables particular instructions to be run at some point in the future, or on a regular basis depending on your requirements. The Scheduling page lets you interact with the schedules that have been defined for instructions. For more details please refer to Scheduling instructions.