A list of the Tachyon features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

New features in Tachyon 5.1


  • Tachyon:
    • Improved support for multi-forest and multi-domain Active Directory environments. Multiple domains can be set during setup, please refer to Tachyon Setup: Active Directory and email for more details
    • Telemetry gathering on Tachyon usage statistics to help with 1E's continued product improvement initiative. For more details please refer to Tachyon Setup: Telemetry
    • Tachyon Portal and emails can be customized with your company logo and branding. For more details please refer to Branding page
    • Support withdrawn for Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Microsoft Edge, please refer to Supported Platforms for more details.
    • Enhancements:
      • RBAC naming has been improved by changing the permissions name from Instrumentation to Infrastructure
      • Support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB 2002
      • Tachyon platform instrumentation data is now exposed as Windows Performance Counters
      • Platform installation  and deployment has been simplified by eliminating the Tachyon CoreInternal component.
  • Guaranteed State application:
    • The workflow on the rule creation page has been improved, so that all the information you need to enter is presented on a single page, making it easier to create rules. Please refer to Defining your own policy for more details
    • Enhancements:
      • Support for digital signing, versioning and licensing of Guaranteed State policy fragments. This requires that upgrading to Tachyon 5.1 has a new license.
  • Inventory application:
    • The Inventory application has some additional pages that provide information on your system, as gathered by inventory connectors: 
      • The Software Inventory section provides Dashboard, Aggregate and Product Usage pages to help you understand the software that is installed in your enterprise
      • The Hardware section lets you investigate the virtual machines and physical devices present in your enterprise via its Hardware Inventory, Virtual Summary and Device pages
    • Export option now available on the Inventory→Hardware→Hardware Inventory page
    • Sync actions for Connectors allow you select which data categories you want to sync, and if you want to run AI Powered Auto-curation as part of Basic Inventory Consolidation (BIC) process that runs after each sync 
    • 1E Catalog:
      • Improved hotfix capability
      • Documentation merged with Tachyon, please refer to The 1E Catalog.
  • Settings application:
    • Tachyon connector optimization - the duration of inventory instructions has been reduced from 7 days to 15 minutes to allow them to be run more frequently
    • Other Connector optimizations:
      • Ability to request selected data when scheduling a sync. For example, Device, Software, User, Patch etc. This has been added to the Tachyon, Configuration Manager and ServiceNow connectors
      • The Device and Patch Consolidation reports have been split from the Basic Inventory Consolidation action. Patch Success users can now just execute the Device and Patch consolidation reports rather than running a complete Basic Inventory Consolidation. For more details please refer to: Patch Success 1.2 - Configuring Patch Success: Creating schedules for Patch processing using Tachyon 5.1.
      • AI actions have been decoupled from the Inventory synchronization cycles.
    • A new Provider log page has been added that provides the status of Provider related operations
    • AI functionality can be turned on or off from the Components page.
    • InTune connector - device, software and user data can now be retrieved from your Intune infrastructure.
  • Tachyon Setup enhancements:

Consumer applications

  • Experience 1.2
    • Works with Tachyon 5.1
    • The 1E Experience score has been greatly enhanced to include User Sentiment - this means that, not only can you monitor the stability, responsiveness, and performance of the devices on your network to deduce your end-users satisfaction with their IT services, you can send out surveys and incorporate your end-users actual feedback directly into the picture. For more information on this subject please refer to Getting feedback via User Sentiment Surveys, where you can find a complete end-to-end use case on creating, deploying, responding and processing responses to User Sentiment Surveys.
      • The 1E Experience score displayed on the Overview page includes user sentiment values, please refer to The Scores for more information.
      • The Categories page includes a Sentiment tile showing the current User Sentiment score.
      • The Sentiment page lets you view the User Sentiment score on its own and drill down to view users and monitor their feedback and pain points.
    • End-User Surveys - two types of survey are supported: User Sentiment and General Purpose. User Sentiment Surveys contribute towards the 1E Experience score, General Purpose Surveys can be used to ask one-off questions of your end-users and get their feedback on any issue. The Surveys page is where you can create, enable and deploy surveys.
    • A Users page is provided that lets you get information on the end-users on the devices in your network. Please refer to the Users page for more details.
    • Customize the 1E Experience pages to view the interactive charts you want to focus on - including the display of the results from your User Sentiment surveys on the Sentiment page.
  • AppClarity 7.1

    The AppClarity 7.1.105 maintenance release contains a number of bug fixes:

    • Works with Tachyon Platform 5.2
    • No features or feature changes added in this maintenance release.

    The main AppClarity 7.1 release contained the following features:

    • Works with Tachyon 5.1
    • Windows Server OS LDC
      • New license demand for core based licensing of Windows Server OS (calculated with-in Microsoft Core LDC)
      • Compliance calculation is now based on new license demand
    • Support for Currency Conversion
      • When you can set a default currency (other than USD) AppClarity now renders all reporting and financial numbers (or graphs) only in that set currency
    • New UI controls
      New UI controls have been added to improve the usability:
      • Report refresh - ability to refresh reports on individual pages, and the ability to view the status of the last report refresh
      • UI Controls - ability to choose columns as either shown or hidden on individual screens
    • Installation mode change
      • AppClarity installer is now included as an app with the Tachyon installer and can be installed and maintained this way
      • Hotfixing capability
    • Enhancements
      • Entitlement
        • New Active Entitlements Only toggle filter on Entitlement Summary page
        • The ability to export entitlement summary data
      • License Demand
        • Device names are now shown as hyperlinks on LDC reports
      • Compliance
        • Improved logic for rendering installs, and a new "Exempt" status on the compliance detailed table
        • Effective License Position (ELP) displayed for SQL Server components as it is for SQL Server entitlement
      • Reclaim
        • Reclaim product usage screen loading time is optimized for quick page load.
  • Application Migration 3.1

    Features in the Application Migration 3.1.105 maintenance release:

    • Works with Tachyon Platform 5.2
    • No new features in this maintenance release.

    Features in the main Application Migration 3.1 release:

    • Works with Tachyon 5.1
    • Improvements to upgrade rules to support scenarios where the currently installed software has a later version than the one listed in the upgrade rule - In versions prior to Application Migration 3.1, it was possible that upgrade rules had issues when the application they were trying to upgrade on the client devices were later versions than the ones they were trying to upgrade to.  To remedy these unpredictable and unwanted results, now if an upgrade rule tries to downgrade an application then it will be ignored. For more details please refer to Adding a rule to upgrade an application: What happens in upgrade scenarios where the currently installed version of the application is later than the target application?
    • Application and Package installation success has been improved  - this handles scenarios where the administrator has forgotten to check the Allow this application to be installed from the Install Application task sequence action without being deployed checkbox, which is a prerequisite for migrating an application. In practice, it was a common error for administrators to overlook this, which - in earlier versions - led to the Task Sequence failing. In Application Migration 3.1, if the administrator forgets to set the checkbox, a warning is now displayed that lets the administrator continue and Application Migration sets the option automatically. For more details please refer to Getting started with Application Migration: Auto Install for Configuration Manager Applications and Packages
    • Multiple exclusion of applications is now supported from the Installations page - please refer to Managing product exclusions.
  • Patch Success 1.2.104
    • No changes to this application for this release.

Product Packs

  • Classic Product Packs:
    • (minor changes)
    • (minor changes, new 1E-Explorer-TachyonAgent-Set1EClientAgentConfig)
    • (minor changes)
    • (1E-Inventory-Device-GetProcessors improved, 1E-PatchSuccess-PatchStatus now only runs on Windows)
    • (minor changes)
    • (minor changes).
  • Integrated Product Packs:
    • All fragments are now signed, and have InstructionType defined
    • MEMCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack - (new improved replacement for Microsoft SCCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack)
    • Microsoft SCCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack (removed)
    • (minor changes)
    • (minor changes)
    • (minor changes).

Other Product Packs are available from the Tachyon Exchange:

1E Client

For more information about the 1E Client, including other 1E client modules, please refer to 1E Client 5.1.

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.1

Shopping client for Shopping v6.0

  • WSA - Support for nested Task Sequences
  • WSA - Autofill WiFi passcode on Connection page if available
  • WSA - Option to disable the Location page

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Creates a firewall exception for WakeUp with the name 1E Client (WakeUp) that is port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.200

  • Certificate-based client authentication for Nomad P2P communication
  • Configuration Manager Enhanced HTTP support
  • Support for multiple Certificate Authorities
  • Improved PKI client certificate selection logic 
  • VMWare Workspace One support
  • Handling download content for "expired" offer 
  • Improved handling of updated Software Update content 
  • Option to reduce election notifications in Nomad logs

PXE client for PXE Everywhere v4.0

  • PXE Everywhere Agent is now a client module of 1E Client 5.1
  • PXE Everywhere Static Responder (to support DHCP Snooping) now has its own installer

Tachyon 5.0


  • Tachyon:
    • Switch now supports Windows Certificate Store (instead of Switch certificate files)
    • Eventing mechanism allows propagation of live events in real-time from 1E Client to consumers
  • SLA:
    • Support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB1910 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • 1E Catalog:
    • Hotfix capability
    • Support for EXE file mapping to multiple products
    • Surrogate keys - used in tracking changes to 1E Catalog - allows for example, details of the original vendor to be retained when a product is acquired by a new vendor
    • Catalog UI should set the "Customer" as submission source instead of "1E" for customer curated data
    • UNSPSC Software Category must be available to user in human-readable format on the SLA UI
    • Changes to support "Latest Version" field in SLA - Extra column will be returned during SLA normalization with Catalog
  • Guaranteed State application:
    • Guaranteed State now supports table partitioning (SQL Server feature for better performance)
  • New Inventory application:
    • AI Powered Auto-curation
    • Software Inventory, including aggregation
    • Hardware Inventory, including summaries for devices and virtual hosts
    • Manage associations between inventoried products and Configuration Manager applications and packages
  • Support for new applications:
    • Experience 1.0 (included in Tachyon Setup)
    • AppClarity 7.0
    • Application Migration 3.0
  • Tachyon Setup:
    • When upgrading from SLA Platform 3.3 its SLA users are migrated to become Tachyon users with no roles assigned
    • Network Service is used for the 1E Catalog Update Service instead of a domain account
    • Supports "Business Intelligence" option to allow BI installation independently
    • Maintenance page provides Server Certificate option to update certificate bindings 

Product Packs

  • Product Packs listed below are now included in the Tachyon Platform zip, previously they were in a separate Tachyon Product Packs zip
  • Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe (tool relocated from the Integrated folder to the root folder, so it can be used to upload Classic and Integrated packs, and be started by Tachyon Setup)
  • Classic Product Packs:
    • (minor changes to instructions)
    • (minor changes to instructions plus new instructions for location)
    • (minor changes to instructions plus new instructions for firewalls)
    • (new, renamed from previously included in the SLA installer)
    • (updated instructions and renamed zip)
    • (renamed zip)
  • Integrated Product Packs:
    • (1 new rule)
    • (minor changes)
    • (minor changes)
    • (minor changes)
    • (removed)

1E Client

For more information about the 1E Client, including other 1E client modules, please refer to 1E Client 5.0.

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.0

  • Uses OpenSSL 1.1.1c for secure communication with the Switch and Background Channel
  • Tachyon.Performance.Metrics.exe is now included in the 1E Client, previously included in the Windows Endpoint Performance Integrated Product pack
  • Tachyon activity record and storage features enhanced to include:
    • Software Performance
    • Operating System Performance
    • Performance data
  • New modules:, Device.GetLocation, Device.SetLocation
  • Now uses SQLite 1.29.0
  • Windows support confirmed for Windows 10 1909
  • Non-Windows now supports Red Hat v8.0 and v6.0
  • MacOS now supports Catalina 10.15.1

Shopping client for Shopping v5.6

  • No changes - only hotfixes

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Now creates WakeUp firewall exception with name '1E Client (WakeUp)' and it's now port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.100

  • No changes - only hotfixes

Tachyon 4.1


  • Tachyon Setup has been expanded to include ActiveEfficiency Server: this is in order to support the Nomad Dashboard and Nomad download pause features. 
  • Tachyon Setup has also been extended with the following features:
    • Uninstallation, and also inclusion of MSPs at install-time
    • Re(registration) of applications from Maintenance page
    • Consumer-level workflow override (e.g. for ServiceNow integration)
    • Support for partial upgrades
    • Ability to run Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool to upload Product Packs
  • Tachyon toolkit consumers are registered automatically during installation
  • Improvement on Action processing
  • Improvements to Explorer:
    • A new Instruction Detail dialog has been added to the Instruction History page that shows information on the selected instruction
    • Improvements have been made to the Device Detail dialog on the Devices page
  • Improvements to Guaranteed State
    • The Rule Status tile and corresponding drill-downs have been improved
    • Rule editing is now supported
    • A Device Detail dialog has been added
    • A Remediation report is now available that shows what remediations have been applied
    • The dashboard header statistics have been improved
    • Performance improvements
  • Improvements to Patch Success:
    • The Patch performance dashboard tile can now be used to interactively filter the page
    • A new Monitoring menu has been added that displays the history and responses for the Patch Success instructions
    • Performance improvements
  • Support has been confirmed for:
      • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB1902

Product Packs zip

  • Classic Product Packs (updated for 4.1):
  • Integrated Product Packs (new for 4.1):
  • Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe (new)

1E Client

For more information about the 1E Client, including other 1E client modules, please refer to 1E Client 4.1.

  • Tachyon Agent renamed as 1E Client
  • Enhancements:
    • Optimize ProcessUsage Minutes storage
  • Improvements to 1E Client on macOS 
    • Reading certificates from the macOS keystore
    • DMG file installations
  • Agent Historic Data Capture feature renamed as Tachyon Activity Record
  • WSA enhancements:
    • Applications page includes all installed, normalized applications
    • Allow conditional download of Windows 10 upgrade packages
    • Check Windows 10 version readiness checks before upgrading
    • Perform In-place Upgrade compatibility check in WSA readiness checks
    • Allow Windows Servicing Assistant to exclude user state migration
    • Required for environments where TLS 1.0 is disabled.
  • 1E module library renamed as Nomad, replacing NomadBranch client, and extended to support Nomad 7.0
  • Nomad provides an efficient file transfer mechanism that integrates with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, providing a host of features that maximize download efficiency and minimize WAN link bandwidth usage, and reduction in the number of servers

Tachyon 4.0


  • Tachyon Setup provides simplified installation of Tachyon Server, SLA, 1E Catalog and Business Intelligence (BI) components, forming the Tachyon Platform
  • Tachyon Portal provides a single web-based user experience, with a unified look-and-feel, for all the Tachyon applications:
    • Explorer - now an application in the Portal which provides the familiar interface into real-time investigation, remediation and management of operations across all the devices in your enterprise
    • Patch Success - new Tachyon application: Maximize enterprise-wide patch deployment success
    • Guaranteed State - new Tachyon application: Ensure endpoint compliance to enterprise IT policies
    • Settings - now an application in the Portal which provides management and configuration of the whole Tachyon Platform and applications in one place
  • Management groups now use inventory-based rules to define groups of particular devices, they are implemented in SLA and then made available to Tachyon applications and other consumers
  • Inventory - integration of 1E Catalog and SLA into the Tachyon Platform to provide a consolidated (de-duplicated and normalized) inventory gathered from Tachyon and other systems management products (Configuration Manager, Big Fix, vCenter etc) which can then be utilized by Tachyon applications and other consumers
  • Support for:
    • Okta delegated authentication for DMZ-based Tachyon Switches
    • Device Criticality attribute across the Tachyon Platform
    • installing without client certificate requirement for Tachyon Agents
    • Windows 10 1809
    • Windows Server 2019
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB1810
Deprecated mobile app-based 2FA for approval workflow has been removed.

Product Packs zip

  • (new - required for Patch Success application)


  • Patch module allows listing and deployment of Windows Updates, supporting the Patch Success application
  • Storage module allows persistent, secure storage and retrieval of data from instructions
  • Policy engine provides support for Guaranteed State application
  • Performance and usability improvements to file search methods
  • TIMS includes call-tip information for methods, simplifying instruction creation
  • Improvements to cipher suite selection for SSL connections
  • Support for macOS Mojave
  • Support for Windows 10 1809

Tachyon 3.3

  • Management groups - extends RBAC permissions so that user roles can have management groups assigned as well as instructions sets. This means, for example, business unit administrators can only send certain instructions to devices they manage.

  • Integration of WakeUp into Tachyon Agent - WakeUp integrates with either the NightWatchman Management Center or with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager and provides the ability to power on computers from a power off state over a network. The WakeUp Agent module can now be enabled as part of the Tachyon Agent installation.
  • System Information View - this page in the Tachyon Explorer Configuration section displays information about how the components of the Tachyon system have been configured.
  • Enhancements - a number of enhancements have been made to Tachyon to improve usability in key areas:
    • New GUID generation mechanism to support WakeUp integration
    • Support of "Export all results" from Status tab
    • Various new/enhancements to methods on existing modules (as documented in the SDK)
    • Switch logging rewritten and can be configured to use log levels and log areas 
    • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Compliance
  • Product Packs zip:

Tachyon 3.2

  • Instruction Set management improvements  - a streamlined process for loading Instructions into Tachyon and organizing them into Instruction Sets is now available in Tachyon 3.2.
  • Improved Tachyon installation experience - the Tachyon Setup utility has been improved to provide automatic prerequisite checking, certificate file generation and post-installation checks
  • Instruction scheduling management improvements - the Instruction scheduling management dialogs have been enhanced making it easier to define schedules to run Tachyon Instructions over days, weeks and months
  • Tachyon Agent installer - now includes a Shopping module adding WSA (Remote Worker) and Shopping Agent features into the Tachyon Agent. You can also install the Tachyon Agent without configuring a connection to the Tachyon Server, for those instances where you are using Shopping but not Tachyon.
  • Process stabilization statistics added to Historic Data Capture to gather information on the time it takes for processes to achieve a state of stable resource usage
  • Support for Tachyon Powered Inventory - Two new Tachyon Agent inventory methods have been added to capture process and user usage statistics - these are needed to support the AppClarity Tachyon Powered Inventory feature.
  • Enhancements and optimizations - a number of enhancements have been made to Tachyon to improve performance in key areas:
    • Switch connection optimizations around change of network and change of power state
    • Various new/enhancements to methods on existing modules (as documented in the SDK)
    • Support for in-memory caching of downloaded resource files
    • Instruction search uses “most frequently used”-style search rankings (i.e. more frequently used instructions appear nearer to the top of the search results)
    • Improved support for large text content in responses, the content can now be displayed in its own scrollable dialog as well as downloaded as a file in the browser
    • The Instrumentation and Workflow services have been merged into a single Coordinator service
  • Product Packs zip:
    • Other Product Packs moved to Tachyon Exchange:

The Tachyon App, also known as Tachyon Auth mobile app, is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Tachyon. As a consequence, the Registered mobile phones administration page is also deprecated.

Tachyon 3.1

  • Scheduling instructions - Tachyon now lets you schedule when instructions are run, supporting deferral to enable instructions to be run out of hours, or repetition of instructions for regular maintenance and routine tasks.
  • Instruction Sets - you can now organize Tachyon Instructions into Instruction Sets in the Tachyon Administration Console, increasing flexibility when defining permissions for instructions.
  • Enhanced Instruction security - using TIMS you now need to digitally sign Instruction Definition files ensuring that the integrity of any Instruction Definition that you import into Tachyon is guaranteed and has not been tampered with.
  • Data export to Syslog format - Tachyon responses export has been extended to enable exports to the commonly used Syslog format.
  • Integration with ServiceNow - ServiceNow is a cloud-based PaaS focused on incident management. Tachyon ServiceNow integration lets you use your incident management system as an alternative to Tachyon's approval mechanism for Tachyon Instructions.
  • Increased cross-platform Agent functionality - the Tachyon Agent methods and the non-Windows Tachyon agents have been enhanced to provide greater cross-platform support for instructions.
  • Installer enhancements - the user-experience in the Tachyon Server installer has been improved.
  • New licensing model - a new file-based licensing model has been introduced in Tachyon 3.1. This new license type enables licensing for specific instructions as well as the current seat-based license.
  • NightWatchman integration - by integrating with Tachyon the NightWatchman Management Console can now accurately display the online status for the devices running NightWatchman and Tachyon. Please refer to NightWatchman Enterprise and Tachyon in the NightWatchman Enterprise 7.2 documentation for details.
  • Nomad integration - Nomad downloads can now be paused using an instruction in the 1E-Nomad product pack. This enables organizations, using Configuration Manager and Nomad, to quickly delay the broadcast of packages if they are deemed to be at risk until any problems have been resolved. Please refer to Nomad Download Pause in the Nomad 6.3 documentation for details.

Tachyon 3.0

  • Task-based UI
  • New responses visualization
  • Tachyon Agent historic data capture
  • Two-factor authentication for actions
  • Brand-new devices view on the Devices page
  • Single-server installation supporting more than one Switch
  • Tachyon Server support for Windows Server 2016
  • Tachyon Explorer support for Firefox browser

Tachyon 2.0

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Console integration (including an integrated Instruction Runner)

  • Tachyon Agent support of Linux and Mac OSX platforms

  • Agent integration with 1E Nomad to download content

  • Efficiency and security enhancements: response offloading, throughput limiting and consumer registration

  • Active Directory multi-domain support

  • Automated database housekeeping

Tachyon 1.51

  • Support for Cryptographic Next Generation certificates

  • Ability to upload multiple Product Packs at once in Tachyon Explorer

  • Improved version and error reporting support in Consumer API

  • Agent support for querying HKEY_USER registry data

  • Agent Extensibility updates can be issued by Agent version number

  • Improved support for follow-on instructions targeting a list of device FQDNs
  • New-look email template for approval workflow

Earlier Tachyon features

  • Upgrade to latest version of OpenSSL v1.0.2h

  • Security to enforce client certificates

  • Extended properties for defining Coverage Tags

  • Instruction impact assessment
  • Questions, responses, coverage and filters
  • Refine answers with further questions
  • Running actions
  • Installing and viewing Product Packs
  • Checking inventory and connectivity
  • Configuring Role-Based Access
  • Extended RBAC API extensions for other consumers
  • Consumer API versioning 
  • Using Instrumentation
  • Exporting results to CSV
  • Monitoring events on Tachyon Agent devices
  • Tagging of Tachyon Agent devices
  • Targeting questions to a list of FQDNs
  • Filtering of responses to questions from Tachyon Agent devices
  • Support for targeting FQDN lists for follow-on instructions
  • Improved handling of Agent online/offline device status
  • Tachyon Server installer supports upgrade, from v1.3
  • Tachyon Server installer assigns only Security Administrator role to default user