An introduction to Tachyon training resources, including lab guides.

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Available training for Tachyon 5.1

This page provides links to the available training on Tachyon 5.1. 

The following OnDemand courses are available:

Course TitleCourse Code

Tachyon 5.1 - Fundamentals


Tachyon 5.1 - Architecture


Tachyon 5.1 - Install and Configure


AppClarity v7.1 - Fundamentals


Tachyon 5.1 - Using AppMigration


Tachyon 5.1 - Using Experience


Tachyon 5.1 - Using Guaranteed State


Tachyon 5.1 - Using Inventory


Tachyon 5.1 - Using Patch Success 


Tachyon 5.1 - Using TIMS


Tachyon 5.1 - Tachyon Advanced


Tachyon 5.1 - Nomad as Content Provider


Tachyon 5.1 - Developer


The Fundamentals course is the start point and is for all those who want to understand what Tachyon is. The Architecture, and Install and Configure courses are for those need to design, install and configure Tachyon. The individual Using courses detail how to use each individual application and should be taken by those with an interest in the specific application. The Advanced and Developer courses are for more advanced Tachyon users.

To access the required OnDemand course follow this link: and on the page (example to the right) complete the First Name, Last Name, Email and Enter relevant code for the course you are interested in.

Once the relevant OnDemand training has been taken then there are Hands on Lab sessions run in both US Eastern and UK time zones, for the following courses: Install and Configure, any of the Using courses and Advanced. The sessions are available in the 1E Hands on Labs course listed in Litmos, choose a session to suit you. 

Lab guides for Tachyon 5.1

These lab guides are used in conjunction with Tachyon 5.1 lab training.

Tachyon v5.1 - Install and Configure - Lab Guide

Tachyon v5.1 - AppClarity Training

Tachyon v5.1 - Application Migration Training

Tachyon v5.1 - Using - Using Experience - Lab Guide

Tachyon v5.1 - Using - Using Guaranteed State - Lab Guide

Tachyon v5.1 - Using - Using Inventory - Lab Guide

Tachyon v5.1 - Using - Using Patch Success - Lab Guide

Tachyon v5.1 - Using - Using TIMS - Lab Guide

Tachyon v5.1 - Using - Application Programming Interface Lab Guide

Tachyon Advanced v5.1 Lab Guide

Tachyon - Nomad as Content Provider Lab Guide

Additional training

Additional training is available for the following: