A quick tutorial on using the Devices dashboard to filter and highlight specific devices.

The example

To illustrate the process of selecting a specific device in Tachyon we use an example of locating Windows servers. 

Setting filters

The animation opposite shows the following steps:

  1. In our example the Devices Dashboard page is already selected showing all 12 of our connected devices.
  2. Click on the Operating system type bar with the Windows label. A new OsType=Windows filter appears in the top row and the Results then show only the 11 Windows server type devices.
  3. Click on the Device type bar with the Server label. A new DeviceType=Server filter is added. This filters the Results table to show only the 5 Windows server type devices.

Removing filters

You can remove any of the filters that have been set by clicking on x button at the right-hand end of the filter displayed just beneath the Filters header. You can identify the set filters by their thicker border.

The animation at the top of the page shows the following steps:

  1. Click on the x at the right-hand end of the OsType=Windows filter. This filters the Results table to now show 6 Server devices.
  2. To remove the next filter, click on the x at the right-hand end of the DeviceType=Server filter. The Devices Dashboard now shows the default unfiltered 12 devices.