List of applications that are available for the Tachyon Platform, their URL, and links to the latest versions of their documentation.

All consumer applications can be accessed from the Tachyon Portal using the following URL, and then clicking the application icon.

https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon

where <tachyon DNS Name FQDN> is the one set up during the preparation phase, as described under the heading Preparation: DNS Names.

You can access a specific application by using a full application URL.  

Included applications

The following are applications built-into the Platform:

Inventory 5.2https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/inventory/
Settings 5.2https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/platform/

Optional applications that require a license

AppClarity 7.1https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/appclarity/
Application Migration 3.1https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/applicationmigration/
Guaranteed State 1.5https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/guaranteedstate/
Nomad app 1.0 (Nomad 7.1)https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/nomad/
Patch Success 1.3https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/patchsuccess/
Tachyon Experience 1.3https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/experience/
Tachyon Explorer 5.2https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/explorer/

Previous versions of Tachyon Platform 5.x documentation included Using Guaranteed State, Using Patch Success, and Using Tachyon Explorer. These apps now have their own documentation spaces (GST15, PS13, and XPL52).

AppClarity, Application Migration, Nomad, and Tachyon Experience already have their own documentation spaces (APC71, APPMIG31, and EXP13).