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The Components page displays the configuration options and activity for all the components that make up the Tachyon platform.

The Components table

The following table provides a description of the columns in the Components table:

HostnameThe hostname of the server where the component is installed.
NameThe name of the component.
TypeThe type of the component. This is entirely determined by the component. Examples are: Catalog, Data Sync, Reclaimer Uninstall and Engine.
URLThis shows a URL that can be used to access the component. For example: http://ACME-TCN01.ACME.LOCAL/CatalogWeb/api/ for accessing the 1ECatalog component on a particular installation.
VersionThe version number for the component. For example the 1ECatalog component may have a version number of
Last activityThis shows the last date and time the component was active.

A check in this column shows that the component is enabled. If this cell for a component is blank the component is not enabled.

The AIEngine component can be turned on or off using the toggle control. Slide the toggle to the left to turn the AI feature off or to the right to turn the AI feature on.