Information about tools used to extend Tachyon beyond the Tachyon Explorer.

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The 1E Tachyon Toolkit

What's included in the 1E Tachyon Toolkit, and how to install it.

Using Tachyon in Configuration Manager

How to use the Tachyon Configuration Manager Console extensions.

  • Stopping and resuming the ConfigMgr Client Service - TutorialA quick tutorial on stopping and resuming the ConfigMgr Client Service in response to an emergency.
  • Tachyon Instruction RunnerHow to use the Tachyon Instruction Runner to submit questions and actions from Configuration Manager. The Tachyon Instruction Runner is a right-click tool for the Configuration Manager console which starts a client-based version of the Tachyon web-based Explorer, which is limited to devices in a Collection.

Configuring NightWatchman Online Status

Configuring NightWatchman integration with Tachyon to provide online / offline status lights in the NightWatchman Management Center console.

Installing TIMS

Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS) is a graphical user interface for authoring and testing Tachyon instructions, which can then be saved so they can be uploaded and used in your Tachyon system.

Setting up custom Tachyon Instructions for the first time

A getting started guide to configuring and verifying your Tachyon system so that you can run customized Tachyon Instructions.

1E ITSM Connect

Integration between Tachyon and the ServiceNow ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) module is enabled using the 1E ITSM Connect app, which is available for download from the ServiceNow app store and can be installed on any ServiceNow instance.