Returns execution statistics for instructions that the agent has processed since the last time it was started/restarted.

Return values

For each instruction for which the agent has data:

  • CompressionStatus (string): One of:
      • Compressed - the data returned by the agent was compressed to save network bandwidth
      • CompressionDisabled - the agent was configured not to compress data
      • CompressionFailed - an error ocurred during the compression process
      • DidNotCompressEnough - there wasn't enough saving achieved by compression to merit sending the data compressed
      • TooSmallToCompress - the payload did not meet the minimum threshold size to apply compression
  • ExecutionTime (string): Datetime (UTC) when the instruction was executed.
  • ExecutionTimeMs (int): The execution time in milliseconds.
  • InstructionId (int): ID of the instruction.
  • IsCompressedPayload (boolean): Whether the payload was compressed or not.
  • PayloadBytes (int): The uncompressed size of the payload.
  • PayloadBytesCompressed (int): The compressed size of the payload.
  • RowCount (int): The number of rows in the payload.
  • SequenceNumber (int): The sequence number of the instruction.
  • Status (int): The summary status code from execution of the instruction:
      • 0 = success (with output content)
      • 1 = success (but no output content)
      • 2 = missing provider; missing or invalid parameter; syntax error
      • 3 = unsupported module or method
      • 4 = response too large
  • ThreadId (string): Operating System-specific identifier of the thread that executed the instruction.
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Solaris Intel
  • Solaris Sparc
  • Android

The agent stores instruction statistics in memory, so statistics will only be available for instructions which were executed since the agent last started.