Finds directory paths given a leaf directory name.


DirectoryName (string): The name of the directory to be found. This cannot contain path separators and therefore is always just the leaf node of the path (the deepest part of the path).

The name can include wildcard characters ? and *, except on Android where an exact match is required.

Case insensitive wildcards are supported only on Windows.

Fast (boolean; optional, default true): Selects either the fast NTFS search technology or the previous slower (but fully reliable) technology.

Unix Fast=false and NTFS fast=true are similar order timescales (unless the Unix method comes across a mounted windows share); NTFS Fast=false is significantly slower.

TimeoutSecs (integer; optional, default 600): If the operation has not completed within the specified time period, it will fail with an error. New in v5.2.

Return values

For each directory found:

    • Path (string): The full path of the directory.
FileSystem.FindDirectoryByName(DirectoryName:"wibble", Fast:true);

The above method call might find the following on relevant platforms:

C:\Program Files\Acme Corp\Wibble


But it will never find these:

C:\Program Files\Acme Corp\Wibble\bin


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Solaris Intel
  • Solaris Sparc
  • Android

This will search all fixed disks which is a resource expensive process and may take some time if Fast=false.