Returns version and some other details about a file.


FilePath (string): The full path of the file.

Language (string; optional): The language from which to retrieve strings, as a hexadecimal identifier; for example, for en-US, Language would be "0409". If this is supplied and the strings do not exist in the language, empty strings will be returned. If this is not supplied, the agent will attempt to retrieve strings in the first language and codepage specified in VarFileInfo\Translation. If this does not work, en-US (0409) will be tried.

Return values

FileName (string): The full path of the file

FileDescription (string): The description of the file.

FileVersion (string): The version of the file

ProductVersion (string): The version of the product. File and Product versions may differ.

ProductName (string): The product name.

OriginalFilename (string): The file's original name.

FileSystem.GetVersionInfo(FilePath:"C:\\Program Files\\1E\\Tachyon\\Agent\\Tachyon.Agent.Language.dll");
  • Windows
  • File version info properties are based on version resource information built into the file. Version resources are often built into binary files such as .exe or .dll files, but text files do not have version resource information.
  • Version information is cached as an optimization from v4.2, but the cache is not retained when the 1E Client shuts down. A cache entry is updated if the modified time of the file has changed.