List all active survey responses.

Return values

FreeText (string): Free text value input by the user.

This value is empty if a free text field was not offered as part of the survey, or if the user never entered a value for this field.

Response (string): Text of the survey choice selected by the user.
ResponseTime (string): Time when the user responded to the survey, dismissed the survey or it timed out.
ResponseType (string): Indicates whether the user responded, dismissed the survey or the survey timed out.

ResponseValue (float): The value of the response chosen by the user.

The highest ordered choice (first in the table of choices) will have a response value of 1.
The lowest ordered choice (last in the table of choices) will have a response value of 0.
Those in between will be allocated a fractional value between 1 and 0 relative to their position.
For example, if the choices are: (Great, Good, Average, Poor, Terrible) these will be scored (Great=1.0, Good=0.75, Average=0.5, Poor=0.25, Terrible=0)

SurveyName (string): Name of the survey.
UserName (string): Username of the logon session associated with this survey response.
ValidityTime (string): The time when this survey is no longer valid.
@responses = Interaction.GetActiveResponses();
SELECT SurveyName, UserName FROM @responses WHERE ResponseType = "timed out";
  • Windows

Available from v5.1.

For more details on what is considered an active or valid response, see Interaction.ShowSurvey.