Returns a list of visible WiFi networks.

ParametersScan (boolean): If true, perform a WiFi network scan on each adapter; if false, results are returned from the operating system cache.
Return values

Succeeded (boolean): Indicates whether the action succeeded. true indicates success, false indicates failure.

Adapter (string): The name of the WiFi network adapter to which this network is visible.

SSID (string): The Service Set Identifier (SSID) of the network, or empty if the network is hidden.

Authentication (string): The default authentication mechanism supported by the network.

Encryption (string): The default encryption mechanism supported by the network.

IsSecure (boolean): True if the WiFi network is secure; false if the network is open.

IsHidden (boolean): True if the WiFi network is not broadcasting a public SSID.

IsConnected (boolean): True if the corresponding adapter is presently connected to this network.

Signal (integer): Quality of the WiFi signal; from 0 to 100 (worst to best).

Network.GetWiFiNetworks(Scan: true);
  • Windows

Available from v5.2.

Calling this method with false for the Scan parameter will not trigger the network list to be refreshed; it will instead be fetched from the operating system's cache.

Calling this method with true for the Scan parameter will trigger a WiFi network refresh on all enabled WiFi adapters. This process takes approximately 5 seconds to locate WiFi networks.

If multiple WiFi network adapters are present, it is likely that they will each see a similar list of networks. This method will show each network as seen by each network adapter.