Tachyon .NET Consumer SDK is a self-contained C# .NET 4 assembly consisting of Consumer and Offloading SDKs.

Downloading and installing the SDK

The Tachyon .NET Consumer SDK is available from the 1E Support Portal.

  1. Download the version of TachyonSDK zip that you require for your version of Tachyon:
  2. Extract the files from the download zip to your choice of location
  3. Use your choice of tool or programming language, for example PowerShell or C# to create your Consumer.

For details of file versions, please refer Tachyon SDK release information.

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  • Tachyon Consumer SDK libraryThis SDK is an object oriented abstraction of Tachyon's Consumer API. It's designed to facilitate integration of 3rd party code with Tachyon through the API.
  • Tachyon Offloading SDK libraryThis SDK has been created to simplify creation of software that will function as an offloading client, receiving responses from Tachyon.
  • Tachyon SDK release informationDetails of the Tachyon release history, current release notes and details of third-party licenses.