Fetch the tag list (containing all tags) of the specified type.


Scopable (boolean; optional):

  • true - Get the list of Device tags (default)
  • false - Get the list of a Freeform tags
Return values

Values (string): A single string with all tags formatted as in an online message, ordered alphabetically by name. The format is "|name1=value1|name2=value2|...|namen=valuen|", i.e. name-value pairs are separated by the '=' character, and vertical bars separate each name-value pair and also start and end the list. The "alphabetical" order is not rigidly defined. An empty list (i.e. when there are no tags of that type at all) results in "||".

Tag names are stored internally in upper case, and so they are also listed in that form.
Count (int): The number of key-value pairs that exist for the specified tag type. This will return the same information as Tagging.Count(). v3.0.100+
Length (int): The length of the tag string as stored by the agent. v3.0.100+
// Get all freeform tags 
Tagging.GetAll(Scopable: false);
// Get all device tags, using default Scopable:true
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Solaris Intel
  • Solaris Sparc
  • Android

See Tags page for guidance using tags.

The following methods existing in the Agent Tagging module:

  • Page:
    Tagging.Check — Tests the existence of a named tag of a specified type, optionally with the specified value.
  • Page:
    Tagging.Clear — Delete all tags of the specified type.
  • Page:
    Tagging.Count — Get the quantity of tags of the specified type.
  • Page:
    Tagging.Delete — Delete the named tag of the specified type, and indicate if it originally existed.
  • Page:
    Tagging.Get — Indicate whether a named tag of the specified type is present and return its value if present.
  • Page:
    Tagging.GetAll — Fetch the tag list (containing all tags) of the specified type.
  • Page:
    Tagging.Set — Set (or change if already set) the named tag of the specified type to the specified value.

Device tags were known as coverage tags in Tachyon 5.2 and earlier.