How to write instructions using SCALE and the Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS).


The main purpose of Tachyon is to enable super-fast investigation of your network environment to retrieve sets of devices that you can then run immediate actions on.

This documentation refers to the Tachyon Agent, which is the old name for Tachyon client features of the 1E Client. In Tachyon 4.1 the Tachyon Agent was renamed as the 1E Client, which also provides client modules for Nomad, PXE Everywhere, Shopping/WSA and WakeUp. The Nomad client module has some methods available for use in SCALE.

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Getting started with TIMS

Steps to create a simple instruction using Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS).

Installing TIMS

Installing Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS).

Running instructions in Tachyon for the first time

A getting started guide to configuring and verifying your Tachyon system so that you can run customized Tachyon Instructions.

Instruction Definition Reference

Tachyon Instruction Definition format and attributes.

SCALE User Guide

Understanding the Tachyon client language: SCALE - Simple Cross-platform Agent Language for Extensibility.

  • Datetime handlingGuidance and examples for using date and time values in instructions.
  • Tachyon Activity RecordReference information about the Tachyon Activity Record (TAR) feature, sometimes referred to as either the inventory, or forensics feature, and previously known as Agent Historic Data Capture.
  • TagsGuidance and examples for using tags in instructions.
  • User Defined Persistent Storage TablesGuidance and examples for the User Defined Persistent Storage feature.
Functions and Methods Reference

Tables showing the earliest version of the Agent in which a function or method was implemented, and on which OS, with links to full details.

Custom Response Visualizations

Adding custom response visualizations to instruction definitions.

Training Lab Guide - Advanced

Advanced training covers installing TIMS, writing instructions, and extending Guaranteed State.