Running the Windows Servicing Suite Installer

The easiest way to install the 1E Windows Servicing Suite in a new environment where no 1E products have been implemented is to use the Windows Servicing Suite Installer (WSS Installer).

You can choose the features you want and it will install the products in the correct order on either a single server or on distributed servers according to requirements defined in the wizard. It also executes the 1E Client Deployment Assistant that creates Packages and Applications in Configuration Manager that can be used to deploy the 1E Client to client workstations.

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The Windows Servicing Suite Installer does not currently support upgrading existing installations. Each component product of the suite must be upgraded individually following the documented upgrade process for that particular product. See upgrading from previous Windows Servicing Suite releases for further details.

Installing or upgrading products individually

In an environment where one or more 1E products are already installed, it may be necessary to install the additional products individually using their respective installers. The following specifies the order in which the 1E products should be installed or upgraded if the Solution Installer is not used. Refer to the specific product documentation for details on how to install each product.

  1. 1E BIOS To UEFI 1.4 - required for the BIOS to UEFI feature - this has not changed version for some time
  2. 1E Client 5.1 - includes clients for Tachyon, Shopping, WSA, Nomad, PXE Everywhere and WakeUp
    • WSS installer uses 1E Client Deployment Assistant 1.5 to create the Packages and/or Applications in Configuration Manager that can be used to deploy the 1E Client to client workstations
    • Use CDA to create these CM objects but do not deploy to client devices until the server platforms are ready
  3. Nomad 7.0.200
    • install the 1E Client (with Nomad enabled) on Distribution Points
    • install the Nomad Extensions and Tools on CM Admin Console - these are required for the content distribution and peer-to-peer features
  4. Tachyon Platform 5.1 - includes the latest versions of SLA, 1E Catalog, Application Migration and ActiveEfficiency
    • ActiveEfficiency Server is required for peer-to-peer and self-service features (Nomad and Shopping)
    • ActiveEfficiency Scout must also be installed for the self-service feature (Shopping)
    • Application Migration can be used independently or within WSA 
  5. Task Sequence Tools 2.5.300 - as documented in Application Migration 3.1 installation page required for the Application Migration feature
  6. NightWatchman Management Center 7.3 - required for the wake peers for content feature
  7. WakeUp Server 7.3 - required for Wake-on-LAN features, including wake peers for content feature
  8. PXE Everywhere 4.0 - provides the peer-based PXE feature required by New Computer (bare-metal) OS deployment scenario
  9. Shopping 6.0 - required for the self-service and WSA features
  10. Deploy the 1E Client using Configuration Manager using the CM objects created previously - you will have deployed a few devices already to verify the platform features are functional.