A brief summary of how to upgrade from a previous version of WSS.

Latest product versions.Previous product versions.Replaced products, or did not exist.Versions in (brackets) are part of Tachyon Platform or 1E Client.



Server1E BIOS to UEFI1.3.17031.3.17031.3.17031.
1E Catalog1.0.5001.0.5001.
ActiveEfficiency (Server and Scout)1.9.8001.9.9101.9.9101.9.9101.10(1.10.100)(1.10.100)
Application Migration1.
1E Task Sequence Tools1.
NightWatchman Management Center7.
Nomad tools and extensions6.2.2006.3.1006.3.2016.3.2017.07.0.1007.0.200
PXE Everywhere Central3.1.3003.1.3003.1.3003.1.3003.23.24.0
Shopping (Central and Receiver)
SLA Platform2.
Tachyon Platformn/an/an/an/an/a(5.0)5.1
WakeUp Server7.
Clients1E Agent (NightWatchman and WakeUp Agents)
WakeUp clientn/an/an/an/a(7.2.500)(7.2.500)(7.3)
Nomad client6.2.2006.3.1006.3.2016.3.201(7.0)(7.0.100)(7.0.200)
PXE Everywhere Agent3.1.3003.1.3003.1.3003.1.3003.23.2(4.0)
Shopping client1.0.2001.0.200(5.5)(5.5)(5.5.200)+hotfix(5.6)(6.0)
Tachyon clientn/an/a3.23.2(4.1)(5.0)(5.1)
1E Clientn/an/an/an/a4.15.05.1
1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA) used to deploy clients listed here.n/an/an/an/a1.41.4.2001.5

Upgrading from WSS 3.0 or earlier

Upgrade the following to bring the environment up to WSS 4.1.

Server components

The following server components need to be installed or upgraded:

  1. 1E BIOS to UEFI 1.4 - install the latest version of 1E BIOS to UEFI. If you are upgrading from WSS you will already have the required version of BIOS to UEFI installed. Refer to BIOS to UEFI 1.4 - Installation for more details.
  2. Tachyon Platform 5.1, Application Migration 3.1 and ActiveEfficiency 1.10 – Installation of Application Migration is included with Tachyon Platform, which also upgrades SLA Platform, 1E Catalog and ActiveEfficiency. First refer to Upgrading Application Migration and then Upgrading Tachyon.
  3. Nomad 7.0 – upgrade the Nomad agent on all clients and Configuration Manager Distribution Points. You will also need to upgrade the Nomad ConfigMgr Console Extensions (NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi) and the Nomad OSD Tools (NomadBranchTools,msi) on the ConfigMgr site server. After upgrading NomadBranchTools, be sure to run Update Distribution Points on any boot images to ensure the latest Nomad files are updated in the Windows PE image. Refer to Nomad 7.0 - Upgrading Nomad for detailed instructions on upgrading Nomad.
  4. PXE Everywhere Central 4.0 - upgrade to version 4.0. Refer to PXE Everywhere 4.0 - Installing and Upgrading for more information on upgrading.
  5. Shopping 6.0 – upgrade Shopping Central and all Shopping Receivers (the Shopping Receiver is installed on each Configuration Manager Primary Site). You will also need to install the 1E Client 5.1 to replace the Shopping Agent. Refer to Upgrading to Shopping 6.0 for detailed instructions on upgrading Shopping to version 6.0 including replacing the Shopping Agent with the 1E Client.
  6. WakeUp Server - upgrade WakeUp Server to 7.3.  Refer to NightWatchman Enterprise 7.3 - Upgrading to WakeUp Server 7.3 for more details.

Client components

The following client components need to be installed or upgraded:

  1. Client Deployment Assistant 1.5 - this can be used to install all the clients and replaces the Endpoint Agent Installation Solution Accelerator. Refer to 1E Client Deployment Assistant 1.5 - Implementing for more details.
  2. NightWatchman Agent 7.3 - this should be installed replacing the 1E Agent previously used. Refer to NightWatchman Enterprise 7.3 - Upgrading to 1E NightWatchman Agent 7.3  for more details.
  3. 1E Client 5.1 - this replaces the Tachyon Agent and now includes the WakeUp Agent, NomadBranch client, PXE Everywhere and the Shopping Agent. Refer to 1E Client 5.1 - Upgrading to 1E Client for more details.

The following have been replaced:

  1. Endpoint Agent Installation Solution Accelerator - this is now replaced by the Client Deployment Assistant 1.5.
  2. 1E Agent - this has now been replaced by the NightWatchman Agent 7.3 and the WakeUp component of 1E Client 5.1.
  3. Tachyon Agent, WakeUp Agent, NomadBranch client, PXE Everywhere Agent and Shopping Agent are now included in the 1E Client.