This section of the documentation provides details on how to use the Windows Servicing Suite to deliver Computer Refresh (aka Wipe-and-Load), In-place Upgrade, Computer Replacement and New Computer deployment scenarios. Before continuing, ensure you have completed the following:

Follow the guide below to get Windows Servicing Suite delivering value to your OS deployment processes:

  • Learn about Nomad 7.0.200 - Nomad pre-caching to make OS deployments faster. Pre-caching content required by an OS deployment task sequence to the targeted clients and/or peer systems ensures systems do not have to download content over the WAN once they begin a deployment. If you installed the Windows Servicing Suite using the Windows Servicing Suite Installer to install the Windows Servicing Suite and selected the Pre-caching feature, everything will be configured to enable you to start pre-caching content straight away
  • Learn about how the Nomad 7.0.200 - Peer Backup Assistant - PBA enables a Task Sequence to store user files and settings captured by USMT on peer workstations, eliminating the need for State Migration Points
  • Learn about how to use Shopping to establish your enterprise App Store: Shopping 6.0 - Working with Shopping
  • Learn about Self-service OS Deployment with the Windows Servicing Suite, including the new Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) feature introduced in Windows Servicing Suite 3.0
  • Learn about Admin initiated OS Deployments for those scenarios where self-service is not appropriate in your organization
  • Learn how to use Shopping to customize the Windows Servicing Assistant: Shopping 6.0 - customize the Windows Servicing Assistant