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Gliffy Diagram
nameServer Hardware and Software Inventory Architecture

  • The Web API provides an interface where server and server software information coming from the Scout can be stored and retrieved for use in AppClarity. 
  • The Scout scans a named list of servers and queries them for hardware and software inventory information.
  • AppClarity is a consumer of the data captured from servers.


The following table shows the recommended schedules for the components:

ScoutOnce a day
ActiveEfficiency ConnectorSynchronized using the AppClarity Connector Synchronizer once a day

We recommend that the components are also run in the order they appear in the table so that the latest information is always passed on immediately. If the Scout happens to run just after the ActiveEfficiency Connector has been synchronized the only side-effect will be that the data may, at worst, be out of date by 24 hours on a once a day schedule.


The credentials file is in XML format.  You set a credential pattern and password by addding an <sshCredential> tag to the <sshCredentials> tag.  Each <sshCredential> tag must contain the following parameters:


Set to a regular expression pattern to be used against the server names listed in the Linux server list file mentioned earlier.

For example setting matchingDevices="*" will match against all the servers listed in the Linux server list file and will mean that the associated username and password will be tried for all listed servers.

usernameSets the username for the account.
passwordSets the password for the account.

The following example Credentials.config sets the Scout to try the root account with the password X0123987 for all listed Linux servers, if logon with those credentials fails then the root account with the password X0129386 will be tried for any listed server whose FQDN begins with the letters Dev.


When ActiveEfficiency has been configured you will then need to configure the synchronization of the ActiveEfficiency Connector on the server where the AppClarity Service resides.  he The AppClarity 5.2 documentation provides information on synchronizing the  the ActiveEfficiency Connector - please refer to AppClarity 5.2 - Connecting to ActiveEfficiency.