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is still in support but has been superceded by NightWatchman Enterprise 7.2.500.

To help you quickly use NightWatchman most effectively, this documentation is organized into the following sections (as seen in the Contents list to the left):

  1. Introducing NightWatchman Enterprise – if you're new to NightWatchman Enterprise or just want a quick refresh, we recommend you read this section to give you an insight into what it is and how WakeUp, Web WakeUp and Enterprise View work, the benefits of integrating NightWatchman Enterprise with ActiveEfficiency, and the benefits of integrating NightWatchman Enterprise with Tachyon.
  2. How it works – how Nightwatchman Enterprise worksunderstanding power optimizationoptions for secure communications, power-down actions, interaction with ActiveEfficiency and interaction with Tachyon
  3. Implementation – everything you need to know to get NightWatchman Enterprise up and running in your environment:
  4. Working with NightWatchman Enterprise:
  5. Technical support for Nightwatchman Management Center and Wakeup Troubleshooting – the general methodology for investigating issues as well as identifying and removing them.
  6. Reference – a list of installer properties for components, APIs.
  7. Release notes – release history and late-breaking news.