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Software requirements that must be met in order for PXE Everywhere to be successfully installed and used.

Active Directory requirements

Installation account for PXE Everywhere Central

The account of the user that performs the PXE Everywhere Central installation must meet the following criteria, which can be temporary for installation only:

  • Must be a domain account (a local account cannot be used)
  • Must be assigned to the Full Administrator security role in Configuration Manager
  • Must have local admin rights (that is, the account is a direct or indirect member of the local Administrators group) on the server where you are installing PXE Everywhere Central
  • Must be assigned the sysadmin server role in the SQL Server instance which hosts the Configuration Manager database. This can be temporary during installation.

Installation account for PXE Everywhere Agent and PXE Everywhere Responder

Configuration Manager installs applications in the local system context, which is sufficient for the installation of the PXE Everywhere Agent and PXE Everywhere Responder.

If installed manually, the account used to install it must have local admin rights. That is, the account is a direct or indirect member of the local Administrators group) on the computer you are installing it on.

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Microsoft ADK files


In addition to the binaries supplied by 1E, PXE Everywhere Agent requires a number of files that are distributed and licensed with the Microsoft Windows Automated Deployment Kit (ADK). The required files are listed in the table opposite, along with the location on the PXE Everywhere Agent that they need to be installed to.


As these files are licensed by Microsoft, 1E are unable to include them in the installation media. However, you can use the 1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA) to extract the required files from the ADK, create an installer transform and prepare an Application in Configuration Manager that will install the PXE Everywhere Agent with the appropriate settings and the additional Microsoft files.

The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kits (ADK) normally exist on the Configuration Manager CAS or Primary Site server, although they can be downloaded separately from the Microsoft website.


FileDestination Location (relative to TFTPROOT)
wgl4_boot.ttf (optional)\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf

Supported Platforms

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PageWithExcerptSupported Platforms

Windows Server roles and features


The following roles, role services and features must be installed/enabled as a minimum on the PXE Everywhere Central server.

The Name column is the reference used in PowerShell commands; and for .NET Framework 4.X features the PowerShell name includes 45 instead of the actual version.

Role or FeatureDisplay NameNameNotes
Web ServerWeb Server (IIS)Web-Server
Web Server Common HTTP FeaturesDefault DocumentWeb-Default-DocIncluded in Web-Server
Directory BrowsingWeb-Dir-BrowsingIncluded in Web-Server
HTTP ErrorsWeb-Http-ErrorsIncluded in Web-Server
Static ContentWeb-Static-ContentIncluded in Web-Server
Web Server Health and DiagnosticsHTTP LoggingWeb-Http-LoggingIncluded in Web-Server
Web Server PerformanceStatic Content CompressionWeb-Stat-CompressionIncluded in Web-Server
Web Server SecurityRequest FilteringWeb-FilteringIncluded in Web-Server
Web Server Application Development.NET Extensibility 4.XWeb-Net-Ext45Included in Web-Asp-Net45
ASP.NET 4.XWeb-Asp-Net45
ISAPI ExtensionsWeb-ISAPI-ExtIncluded in Web-Asp-Net45
ISAPI FiltersWeb-ISAPI-FilterIncluded in Web-Asp-Net45
Web Server Management ToolsIIS Management ConsoleWeb-Mgmt-ConsoleRecommended
.NET Framework 4.X Features.NET Framework 4.XNet-Framework-45-Core
ASP.NET 4.XNet-Framework-45-ASPNETIncluded in Web-Asp-Net45

Firewall Ports

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PageWithExcerptCommunication Ports

Antivirus exceptions

PXE Everywhere functionality may be impaired by antivirus programs. Although we generally advise that no malware exclusions are used, it is justifiable in certain cases to isolate specific locations and files used by specific software. The following is a list of exclusions that could be added for PXE Everywhere Local, but before you implement them, make sure they are compatible with existing exclusions.

All PXE Everywhere component installations:

  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\*.log & *.lo_

Additional exclusions required on PXE Everywhere Agents:

  • %SystemDrive%\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\PXEEverywhere\CreateBcD.exe
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\boot.sdi
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Boot\Fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Boot\x86\
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Boot\x86\Bootmgr.exe
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Boot\x86\
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Boot\x86\pxeboot.exe
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Images\*\*.bcd
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\1E\PXEEverywhere\TftpRoot\Images\*\*.wim