A step-by-step guide to installing the Configuration Manager console extensions.

Nomad's Configuration Manager console extensions provide the following capabilities in the Configuration Manager Admin console.

  • Configure Nomad settings in software deployment and client settings policies associated with packages, applications and software updates
  • Nomad Download Pause - buttons to pause and resume Nomad downloads, monitoring report to view paused content
  • Nomad Pre-caching - menu item to start the Pre-cache Wizard, monitoring report to view pre-cached content
  • The Nomad Baseline Wizard - menu items to create and edit baseline configuration items
  • The Nomad Dashboard - monitoring report showing various Nomad operations tiles (optional - available if Enable Nomad Sync is selected during installation of ActiveEfficiency)


All users require the following permissions to install and use the 1E Nomad Branch Admin Extensions:

  • Local administrator rights on the computer - to install the console extensions
  • Configuration Manager console installed on the computer - to install and use the console extensions
  • Configuration Manager user with Full Administrator rights - to be able to use the Download Pause feature
  • ActiveEfficiency 1.10

    (or later) installed and working - you must know and enter the full URL for the ActiveEfficiency website in the installer

Preparation in Tachyon required to support Nomad Download Pause

The Nomad Download Pause feature requires Tachyon to be installed with some manual configuration steps to create a Nomad consumer, upload some Tachyon instructions and configure permissions to allow CM administrators to execute them. These steps should be completed by a user that has Global Admin role in Tachyon. 


If you are upgrading Nomad or Tachyon and you have previously installed Nomad Download Pause then you can continue using your existing setup, you do not need to do anything further, and you can ignore the steps below. However...

  • You are recommended to rename the instruction set from Nomad Core Instructions to 1E Nomad to match the name used in the steps below for new installations. The renamed set will retain the permissions you previously configured.
  • You can optionally upload additional Nomad instructions included in the 1E-Nomad product pack, which you can download from Tachyon Exchange (  A list of these instructions is provided below under the heading1E-Nomad product pack, which include the two instructions required by Nomad Download Pause.

In previous versions of Nomad, you were advised not to change the name of the instruction set. This was because the NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi installer uploaded the instructions into an instruction set named Nomad Core Instructions. From version 7.0.200 onwards, this restriction no longer applies, because the instructions are no longer in the installer, and instead are only available in the 1E-Nomad product pack.

The installation steps below use the Settings app to create the 1E Nomad instruction set and upload instructions for a new installation. However, if you instead use the Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool to upload the 1E Nomad product pack, the tool will create an instruction set called 1E Nomad and place new instructions there. If the instruction set Nomad Core Instructions has not been renamed, any existing instructions in it will remain or be updated if they are new versions. You may end up with two instruction sets. You can keep both sets, or you can do the following which will retain the permissions you previously configured:

  • move the new instructions from 1E Nomad to Nomad Core Instructions
  • delete the now empty instruction set 1E Nomad
  • rename the old instruction set from Nomad Core Instructions to 1E Nomad
  1. Download the 1E Nomad Product Pack from Tachyon Exchange ( This will download that you will upload to Tachyon in step 7.
  2. In the Tachyon Portal, select Switch App and navigate to Settings > Configuration > Consumers

  3. Click Add to open the Add consumer form
  4. Enter the following values then click Add to create the Nomad consumer

    Consumer URL (optional)leave blank
    Maximum simultaneous instructions100
    Offload target URL (optional)leave blank
    Offload timeout seconds (optional)60
    Use Windows AuthenticationEnable
  5. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Instructions > Instruction Sets
  6. Click Add new set then enter the Name 1E Nomad on the Add new instruction set form and click Add
  7. Click the Upload button on the top right of the Instruction sets page and browse to the file downloaded in step 1. This will upload the Nomad instructions to the Unassigned instruction set. 
  8. Select the Unassigned instruction set, select all the Nomad instructions and click Move
  9. On the Move instructions form, select 1E Nomad as the destination instruction set and click Move
  10. Navigate to Settings > Permissions > Users and add any Configuration Manager users that will need to use the Nomad Download Pause feature. These users will be added to the Nomad Admins role in step 15.
  11. Navigate to Settings > Permissions > Roles and click Add, then enter the Name Nomad Admins on the Add role form and click Add to add the Nomad Admins role to the Roles table
  12. Scroll down the Roles table and click on the Nomad Admins hyperlink then click Add on the Role: Nomad Admins page
  13. On the Add permission form, select Instruction set from the Type drop-down, then select 1E Nomad from the Name drop-down. Select Actioner and click Add
  14. On the Role: Nomad Admins page, select the Management groups tab, click Add, select the All Devices management group and click Add
  15. On the Role: Nomad Admins page, select the Members tab and add any users or groups that will need to use the Nomad Download Pause feature. 

On this page:

Installing the Nomad Configuration Manager console extensions

The Configuration Manager console must not be running when the 1E Nomad Branch Admin Extensions installer is run.

The Nomad Configuration Manager console extensions are installed where the Configuration Manager Console is installed. This is done by running NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi from an elevated command prompt.

Installing interactively

To install:

  1. Download the Nomad Branch software ZIP file from our Support portal.
  2. Extract NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi from the downloaded ZIP file.

Start a Command Prompt with elevated rights, navigate to the location where you extracted NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi and run it with the following command-line:

>msiexec /i NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi /l*v NomadBranchAdminUIExtInstall.log REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS

The following describes each of the screens in the installation wizard:


The welcome screen, just click Next to continue.

License Agreement

You must read and then accept this license information by clicking the I accept the terms in the license agreement option before you can continue with the installation. Once this is done click Next.

Nomad Pre-Caching

Enter the URL for ActiveEfficiency if you intend to use the pre-caching feature.

You can enable this later if preferred. Please refer to Nomad registry values: NomadBranchAdminUIExt registry values.

Nomad Tachyon Integration

Before installing this feature, please refer to Nomad Download Pause, for steps on configuring the prerequisites.

Check the Enable Tachyon Integration checkbox if you want to implement the Nomad Download Pause feature. You will then need to supply the root URL to the Tachyon API. Which will be in the form: https://<Tachyon DNS Alias FQDN> using the Tachyon DNS Alias FQDN defined when Tachyon was installed.

For example if Tachyon was installed using tachyon.acme.local as the DNS Alias FQDN then the Tachyon API Root URL should be set to:


The Tachyon API is Tachyon's Consumer API. You can learn more about Tachyon in Tachyon 5.1 documentation.

5.1When upgrading there is currently a known issue where the 5.1 Enable Tachyon Integration 5.1 setting, on the Nomad Tachyon Integration screen of the NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi installer, is not picked up from the previous installation. You will need to ensure that this checkbox is checked in the installation wizard or that the ENABLETACHYONINTG=true installer property is set on the installer command-line 5.1if you want the Nomad Download Pause feature to work.

Click Next to continue.

Ready to Install the Program

Click Install to start the installation process

Installing 1E Nomad Branch Admin Extensions

This screen shows the current progress of the installation. If a User Account Control dialog pops-up, click Yes to continue.

InstallShield Wizard Completed

If the installation has succeeded the InstallShield Wizard Completed will be displayed. Here you can check the Show the Windows Installer log checkbox to view the installer log. Click Finish to close the installer wizard.

Installing from the command line

To install:

  1. Download the Nomad Branch software ZIP file from our Support portal.
  2. Extract NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi from the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. Start a Command Prompt with elevated rights, navigate to the location where you extracted NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi and run it with a command-line similar to the following:

    >msiexec /i NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi /qn PLATFORMURL=http://<AEserver>/ActiveEfficiency ENABLETACHYONINTG=true TACHYONROOTURL=https://<TCNserver> REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /l*v install.log

    where <AEserver> is the FQDN of the ActiveEfficiency server or  DNS alias FQDN for the Tachyon server if it was installed using Tachyon setup.
    where <TCNserver> must be set to the DNS alias FQDN for the Tachyon server. This command-line will also enable the Tachyon integration to support the Nomad Download Pause feature.

Checking to see if the console extensions have been added

To confirm the extensions have been successfully installed:

  1. Start the Configuration Manager console
  2. Open the Administration workspace and select the Client Settings node
  3. Note that the ribbon has a 1E Nomad button. Click it and choose Nomad Properties (as shown in the pictures opposite)
  4. The Nomad Settings dialog enables you to configure settings for application management and software updates. Do not make any changes at this point (just click Cancel)
  5. Open the Software Library workspace and select the Packages node under the Application Management node
  6. Right-click the package and from the context menu, choose Properties
  7. A new Nomad tab has been added to the Package Properties dialog box
  8. Click Cancel to close the dialog without making any changes

There are several other places in the Console where you can configure different content types to use Nomad. For more details please refer to Distributing software with Nomad and Configuration Manager.

Client settings node in the Administratin workspace

Configuring Nomad properties