All reference material for Nomad 7.0.200 including all the list and table type information, such as installer properties in alphabetical lists etc.

In this section

Supported Platforms
Server sizing
Communication ports
Nomad installer properties

Subject-oriented lists of Nomad installer properties. There are two Nomad installers that have usable installer properties: 1E.Client-x64.msi (and its x86 version) and NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi.

Nomad registry values
Nomad command-line switches
Nomad return codes
Status messages for download events

Nomad can send status messages through Configuration Manager based on specific download events which appear in its deployment status.

Nomad local multicast
Basic Nomad behavior in a simple environment
Release notes
  • Features by releaseThis maintenance release is implemented as the Nomad module in 1E Client 5.1 and introduces the following features
  • Licenses
Log files

Names and locations of log files created by Nomad.