The level of messages related to the Dynamic Block Size (DBS) feature logged in the Nomad logs for debugging purposes.
This DWORD registry value does not exist by default and must be created under HKLM\SOFTWARE\1E\NomadBranch if you want to enable debugging for the DBS feature.
Registry valueDefault valueNotesInstaller property
DebugDynamicBlockThe value does not exist by default. This is the equivalent of 0x0 where DBS logging is off.

This may take one of the following values:


Turns DBS logging off. This is also the default where the DebugDynamicBlock value does not exist.

To maximize performance DebugDynamicBlock should not be created or if it exists it should be set to 0. You only need to change this setting if you are actively debugging the use of the DBS feature.

00x011Normal log level where changes in block size as DBS ramps up and down are logged.
10x022Verbose log level where various DBS parameters are logged such as: the time taken to download a block, speed and delta.