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Lists of the known issues for implementing, configuring and using AppClarity 7.1.0
DefectDescriptionTFS ID
Compliance Report fails, when many entitlements are available for same vendor and title, with quantity as 1

For any vendor, hundreds of entitlements are available in system with qty=1 (i.e. 500+ entitlements are available for Microsoft Corporation - Word with entitlement quantity =1) and also large number of installations (i.e. 50 K+ installations) exist for same vendor and title.

Workaround / Recommendation : Multiple entitlements can be consolidated into a single logical entitlement (i.e. multiple entries for same vendor, title, version, metric type can be converted into single entitlement)

BUG 196705
Screen keeps on loading (and never finishes) If the repository (for entitlement, compliance) marked as favorite, is archived and now no entitlement, compliance repository is favorite

Repositories (e.g. Compliance-1 and Entitlement-1) are marked as favorite and then these are archived by admin user. Now, when user tries to open the AppClarity screen, screen do not open and keeps on loading and will never load.

Workaround / Recommendation : Ensure to always have entitlement and compliance repository as favorite, even if user need to archive the already favorite marked repositories.

BUG 197656
While creating a new license/ maintenance based entitlement, page has tabbing problem if form data is entered via keyboard control only (and no mouse h/w is used)

Below are the tabbing related problems, while adding a new form via manual input (mouse h/w is not used and only keyboard is being used)

1. Tabs skipping drop-down fields such as Version Type, Metric, License Type etc
2. User can't select list and date using arrow keys & space bar
3. When user reaches on date control using tab, Date picker gets opened but doesn't get closed on moving to next control. So, It remains open on page
4. User can't publish / save draft / cancel entitlements as tab is not moving on these buttons

Workaround / Recommendation : None

BUG 189577
On uploading entitlements via entitlement.tsv connector, and entitlement contains wild card (i.e. *) as Version, then it is not automatically set as * in entitlement on UI 

While uploading an entitlement through .tsv files using entitlement connector, if user set the version as * for any vendor and title, then it do not gets assigned as * on entitlement screen (i.e. on license screen) after successful upload.

BUG 186415
Upgrading AppC 6.1.100 to AppC 7.0, then entitlements with caveats (in 6.1.100) are not displaying with caveats warning icon, and simply displaying as draft (with draft icon)

When AppC 6.1.100 is upgraded to AppC 7.0, and few entitlements in 6.1.100 were present with caveats.

Now, after upgrade, these caveat entitlements are not displaying with caveats warning icon, and they simply displays as draft (with draft icon)

Reclaim Consolidation fails due to deadlock If an VT has large number of policies (~ 18-20), and precedence is set

Reclaim → Usage Summary → Precedence

Any Vendor and Title have large number of overlapping policies (which needs to be set for precedence), and user open the set precedence screen. On clicking the 'move up' arrow button for last policy and do this action in quick succession for 3-4 times (for different policies). Below 2 errors are observed -

  1. System triggers the Reclaim Consolidation for each 'up' arrow click
  2. Out of those many reclaim consolidation action, one fails with deadlock error

Workaround / Recommendation : If multiple policies are available for precedence, and last policy is needed to be set for highest precedence, then use 'move to top' button, and it moves this policy on top.

BUG 197278
For any uploaded License / Maintenance, which have few caveats, then system displays only remediation part to user (instead of caveat and remediation both) on license / maintenance screen drawer

Entitlements → License / Maintenance screen

If any entitlement have caveats (i.e. warnings) on uploading via entitlement connector, then only remediation is displaying for that entitlement, instead of caveats and remediation on entitlement drawers.

BUG 197837
Cluster and physical-Virtual machines hierarchy not coming when user applies management group filter on Compliance > Detailed Table

Compliance > License Summary → Detailed Table

In global management group, Cluster-Physical-Virtual hierarchy displays correctly, but this hierarchy view disappears in case of non global management groups

BUG 197816
License Demand displaying as 1 for mgmt group name 'License Exemption - Oracle Corporation'On IBM PVU and Oracle Processor License Demand screens, License Demand displays as 1 for exempted management groups in case of Virtual Host Cluster Soft Partition, where optimized license demand is calculated on physical devices whereas installations are on virtual machines. In other situations, it works correctly.BUG 189831
License exempted comment not appears for Oracle LDCIn oracle license demand, exempted comment do not appear in case of device exemptBUG 197674
Filter issues : Is (Equal) operator in date filters are not working

Generic filter related issues are below

  1. On any date related column, when filter is applied with operator as IS (e.g. Completion Date IS <date selected>), then it do not display the correct result
  2. At present, there is no provision to apply 2 filters with OR condition. If two filters are applied on two different columns, these are applied as (filter condition 1) AND (filter condition 2)
BUG 197026
Installations on non exempted devices are also marked for exemption under Global mgmt groupIn case of IBM PVU and Oracle Processor License Demand, the installations on non exempted devices are also marked for exemption under Global mgmt groupBUG 189885
Entitlement tsv upload using entitlement .tsv connector gets failed if tsv file has a row only with newline/carriage return 

While uploading an entitlement.tsv file via entitlement upload connector, if there is any blank line in-between the entitlements, then entitlement connector fails

Workaround / Recommendation : Before uploading the .tsv file, ensure the data is sanitized.

BUG 197848
Something went wrong error on cloned entitlement when user tries to change titleIn some situation, when an already published entitlement is cloned, and then user edit this and make an attempt to change the title or coll version, then error occurs.BUG 196586
License available for product's self edition (Visual Studio PRO) was not consumed in case of edition downgrade (i.e. consumed Visual Studio ENT)In case of edition downgrade, when licenses are available for higher and lower edition both, for User and device metric, then license consumption may increases on ComplianceBUG 195198
Compliance License Position is not computed correctly for enterprise linux in case of virtual datacenter when number of virtual machines are at threshold with physical sockets

Compliance → License Position

It works correctly in normal scenario, but in few edge conditions it displays incorrect license position (edge case, when license demand for RHEL rounded off from 6.5 to 7). When physcial device had 4 socket and hosted 13 virtual machines.

BUG 197785
Compliance detailed table not showing most optimized demand when entitlements are not available for LDC (RHEL, MS - Soft partitioning) casesIn few edge cases on virtual host soft partitioning, compliance detailed table not showing most optimized demandBUG 197763
On Compliance Summary by install screen, for cluster devices, any physical machine, which is part of a cluster, displaying Machine Type as 'Physical' instead of 'Physical Host'

Compliance → License Summary → Compliance Summary by Install drill down screen (on Detailed table section)

In case of virtual host cluster soft partitioning, any physical device, which is a part of cluster (and also host virtual machine), is displaying Machine Type as 'Physical' instead of 'Physical Host'.

BUG 197675
On Compliance detailed table, edition displayed on physical machines where installations are present on VMs & optimized licensing is on physical machinesIn few case of SQL server, editions are being displayed against physical devices also instead of only displaying against virtual devicesBUG 197676
On compliance summary by installs page - ELP summary doesn't show any information though MDS or DQS compliant using SQL Server Enterprise license

Limitation : As compliance is being displayed on installation only, mapping between License Position (ELP) and Compliance License Summary may not work on same titles.

BUG 197216
Multiple issues when navigated to and from between screens with favorite and non favorite repositories

AppC [Compliance] : Add license from Compliance > License summary section opens license form in default repository even though compliance associated to non-default Entitlement repository

AppC [Manage Associations] : VTVE is selected (from Comp-2, which is not favorite), and Manage Association button is clicked, then it navigates the user to (INV-1, which is favorite)

BUG 197117
In case of multiple installations - Lower edition & version is showing on Compliance > Detailed TableOn any device, when multiple installation, but with different edition of SQL Server are present (i.e. SQL Server ENT and SQL Server STD), then on Compliance → License Summary → Detailed table, only one installation appears (of any edition) instead of both installations.BUG 197605
On Compliance > license summary > Installs by details screen, If user keeps this screen open for longer duration, then error occurred while loading table data on Detailed table.

On the Compliance → License summary → Installs by details screen, If user keeps this screen open for longer duration, and then comes back, then error occurred while loading table data on Detailed table.

Workaround / Recommendation : Page needs to be refreshed to view the data.

BUG 197202
No reclaim policy displayed on Policies screen, as policy is created for *, and user navigated to policy via Reclaim Usage version as

Reclaim→ Usage Summary

If a Reclaim policy is created on wild card (e.g. 1E - Tachyon - and version as *), then on Reclaim Usage Summary screen, for 1E Tachyon, Count of 'selected management group policies' displays as 1 (as hyperlink).

On clicking this hyperlink, system navigates to Reclaim Policies screen to display the total number of policies. And, blank data is displayed on Policies screen (due to incorrect version/edition filter). Though, it works correctly, if an reclaim policy is created with exact version.

BUG 197887