All the reference information for PXE Everywhere.

  • Supported PlatformsA list of all the platforms supported by PXE Everywhere, and the software required to allow PXE Everywhere Central and Responders to be installed or to work.
  • Communication PortsA list of communication ports used by PXE Everywhere. Useful, if needed, for network and device firewalls.
  • PXE Everywhere Central installer propertiesCommand-line installer properties that are available for an unattended installation for PXE Everywhere Central components.
  • PXE Everywhere Responder settingsConfiguration settings for PXE Everywhere Responder.
  • PXE Everywhere Agent settingsInstaller and configuration settings for the PXE Everywhere Agent client module of the 1E Client supported only on Windows computers.
  • PXE Everywhere toolsReference for command-line options used by 1E tools.
  • PXE Everywhere release informationDetails of the PXE Everywhere release history, current release notes and details of third-party licenses.
    • PXE Everywhere featuresA list of features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.
    • Licenses
  • Log filesNames and locations of log files created by PXE Everywhere components.