AppClarity lets you get to grips with software waste, take control of license compliance and manage application portfolios easily. It offers an immediate reduction in software costs by helping you manage your software assets on both desktops and servers more effectively and maintain software license compliance. 

Breakdown of a product installationThe key benefits of AppClarity are:

  • Software license compliance – provides at a summary on whether a particular product is license compliant
  • Software waste identification – shows unused software and shelfware which are probably the two largest form of software waste
  • Efficient application management – identifies version sprawl where there are many versions of the same product used

Now, you can financially quantify all software waste by identifying and controlling unused software across the your enterprise.

AppClarity in context

We shall consider how you intend to use AppClarity, the different components that contribute to software license management and the different types of environments you are likely to encounter. There are two aspects of AppClarity and related components that need to be configured – where it gets its data from and how it removes software that is no longer being used, thereby reclaiming licenses and eliminating waste.

ActiveEfficiency can run in multiple modes to retrieve information from various data sources. These modes can overlap and the data is normalized to provide a more complete and accurate view of the network. In the scenarios that follow, we describe the simplest implementation where the Configuration Manager agent is used to manage the machines where it is installed.

The following guidelines describe which modes to use in the different scenarios. AppClarity supports desktop and server license management independently and the configuration of its components depends on how it is going to be used and the environment it is working in.

AppClarity for desktops

Depending on whether the desktops in your environment are managed by Configuration Manager or not, you may need to install and configure additional components to provide complete cover.

Managing VMWare and Oracle software

Both these features rely on certain external components which require installation by 1E Professional Services. If you would like to implement either of these feature, please contact 1E for more details.

Are you running AppClarity while migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012?

To enable AppClarity to continue managing software license usage during migration you will need to configure the ActiveEfficiency Scout in migration mode. This will intelligently blend the installation and usage data from the old and new Configuration Manager systems so that a single cohesive picture is maintained as systems are migrated from one to the other.

Before you install AppClarity

Before you install AppClarity, take a moment to consider your deployment and sizing requirements and provision your environment to support it.