Windows Installer properties for each of the Tachyon server installers.

Tachyon Setup is the only supported method of installing a Tachyon Server. Installation using standalone MSI is not supported unless advised by 1E, which may be necessary in complex installations, using non-interactive (quiet) command-lines, and may require post-install configration steps.

Tachyon Setup installation order

When installing all components on a single server, Tachyon Setup installs them in the following order:

  1. Tachyon Server - TachyonServer.msi
  2. 1E Catalog - 1ECatalog.msi
  3. SLA Platform - SLA.Platform.Installer.msi
  4. SLA Business Intelligence - SLA.BI.Installer.msi (optional but required for Patch Success)

The installer properties for these MSI are provided in the following pages, including some notes on how Tachyon Setup uses the properties.

Tachyon Platform zip file

The TachyonPlatform zip file can be downloaded from the 1E support portal page ( Extracting the zip will create a folder structure containing the following, where highlighted files are required by Tachyon Setup.

  • Licenses.txt
  • Tachyon Release Information.html
  • Tachyon.Setup.exe
  • Installers\1ECatalog.msi
  • Installers\SLA.BI.Installer.msi
  • Installers\SLA.Platform.Installer.msi
  • Installers\TachyonCertificateManager.exe
  • Installers\TachyonServer.msi
  • Installers\TachyonToolkit.msi
  • Installers\Apps\Explorer\
  • Installers\Apps\Explorer\metadata.json
  • Installers\Apps\GuaranteedState\
  • Installers\Apps\GuaranteedState\metadata.json
  • Installers\Apps\PatchSuccess\metadata.json
  • Installers\Apps\PatchSuccess\
  • Installers\Apps\Settings\metadata.json
  • Installers\Apps\Settings\
  • PolicyTool\delete_all.bat
  • PolicyTool\Export_All.bat
  • PolicyTool\import_all.bat
  • PolicyTool\log4net.dll
  • PolicyTool\Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • PolicyTool\Tachyon.Policy.exe
  • PolicyTool\Tachyon.Policy.exe.config
  • PolicyTool\Tachyon.Policy.exe.RoslynCA.json
  • PolicyTool\Tachyon.SDK.Consumer.dll
  • PolicyTool\Fragments\1E-GuaranteedState-*.xml
  • PolicyTool\Policies\Policy-Windows Client Health.xml
  • PolicyTool\Rules\Rule-*.xml
  • PolicyTool\TriggerTemplates\TriggerTemplate-*.xml