How to use the Explorer application to investigate, remediate issues and manage operations across all your endpoints in real-time.

Explorer can be reached directly using the following URL:

https://<tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/explorer/

where <tachyon DNS Name FQDN> is the one set up during the preparation phase, as described under the heading Preparation: DNS Names.

In this section...

Introducing Explorer

An overview of Explorer is presented; what it does and how it can benefit your organization. An introduction to the features of Explorer is provided.

Explorer Features

An overview of Explorer application features.

Explorer Home page, questions and responses

How to frame questions in Tachyon and view the responses.


Viewing the instruction history, navigating instructions using the tasks page and scheduling instructions.

  • HistoryHow the History and individual Instruction Responses pages work.
  • TasksHow to use Tachyon's Task-based user interface to select and configure instructions.
  • Scheduling instructionsScheduling instructions.
The action approval workflow

How to run actions with approval.

Tagging Tachyon Agent devices

Tachyon Agent devices can have a number of custom tags assigned using Tachyon and the Tachyon agents. There are two types of tag: coverage tags, which can be used in the scopes for questions and actions to help target specific collections of devices; and freeform tags that can be queried and set using specific questions and actions.

Exporting data from Tachyon Explorer

Results visible in Tachyon Explorer can be exported to files containing comma-separated values (CSV) or, in the case of the Export all option on the instruction response page, tab-separated values (TSV), and results can be marked for export at the point of asking a question to automate the process.

Checking inventory and connectivity

The Tachyon Explorer lets you view the device inventory for your network including visibility of which devices are currently connected and can therefore be interacted with directly.

Tachyon Agent Historic Data Capture

A description of the benefits of Tachyon Agent Historic Data Capture and how the data can be retrieved.

Tachyon Quarantine

A description of the quarantine feature provided in the Tachyon Agent and implemented in the quarantine instructions present in the file.

On this page:

Home page

The Home page is where you can select and configure the Tachyon questions you want to ask. There's a handy text field that will immediately search the available questions for the text you enter, or you can select the questions directly from a dialog using the All questions button.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Actioners
  • Global Administrators
  • Global Questioners

For more details see Explorer Home page, questions and responses.


The Instructions section provides pages that cover the history of running instructions, a task-oriented view for accessing the available instructions and a scheduled page that displays all the instructions that have had schedules set for them.

History page

The history of running questions and actions, collectively known as instructions, are displayed on the History page.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Actioners
  • Global Administrators
  • Global Questioners
  • Global Viewers

At the top of the History page is the header where you can sort, search and filter the instructions that are displayed. You can also export the top-level responses table and change the presentation from a table to a grid view.

Below the main header is a table that lets you interact with the instructions. If you want more details or to run follow-up questions and actions, you can go to the instruction Responses page to view the responses for an individual question or action by clicking on its entry in the table.

For more details please refer to History.

Tasks page

The tasks page presents the Tachyon Questions and Actions organized into task-related subjects. For more details please refer to Tasks.


Scheduled page

The Scheduled instructions page lets you edit and remove schedules that have been defined for instructions from their tasks page.

For more details please refer to Scheduling instructions.


The devices section contains two pages that let you view the connected devices as a table or via a dashboard.

Table view

The Devices page lists all the devices that are known to Tachyon, that is the devices that are currently connected or have connected in the past.

This page can be viewed by users with any of the following roles:

  • Global Actioners
  • Global Administrators
  • Global Approvers
  • Global Questioners
  • Global Viewers

There are currently two views available that display the devices known to Tachyon: the dashboard and the list view, as described below. You can switch between the two views on the Devices page.

For more details see Checking inventory and connectivity.

Dashboard view

This page lets you navigate your devices according to the information they report back when registering. For more details see Checking inventory and connectivity.


This page lets you view any notifications that have been sent to you by Tachyon.