The Overview page is the starting place for any 1E Experience journey. Here you can get immediate answers to how your enterprise is performing from an end-user perspective and you can drill-down to get details on specific problem areas and find routes to immediate resolutions.

Your key indicator is the Experience - Latest Score chart, which gives your enterprise a score out of 100 based on a combination of measured events and user surveys. The closer you are to 100 the better the IT experience your end-users are having.

The Experience - Latest Grading chart provides a breakdown of the experience score showing how many devices and users fall into each of the five experience grades - ranging from Very Good to Very Poor. This helps interpret the experience score and see how it maps onto end-user experiences.

The Experience - What's Changed (last 7 days) chart provides an overview of the significant changes, good or bad, that have occurred during the past week.

Finally you can use the Experience - Trend chart to check how well your enterprise is performing over time in terms of how your end-users see it. You could use this chart to help gauge progress on any improvement programs you might have put in place or act as an advanced warning that there are underlying issues that are affecting your end-users and need resolving.

On this page:

Without filters, the dashboard shows the status of all devices in the environment and all of their subsequent scores. When filters are added, the dashboard is recalculated according to the applied filter. For an explanation of filters, please refer to Filters and Breakdown bar.

Hovering over the icon in the upper left corner of any tile shows the name of that tile or the metric that tile is displaying.

Dashboard charts

Experience - Latest Score

This tile shows the overall score with a sidebar showing the score over the last week, month, 60 day, and 90 day periods.  It will show the difference in the score over that time period.   Clicking into the colored portion of the chart will take you to additional details.

For details on the calculation of the Experience Score please refer to The Scores: Experience Score .

Experience - Latest Grading

The Grading tile allows you to see the numbers of devices for each score.  You can drill into each of the ratings - Very Good, Good, Average, and Poor to see the devices that have that score.  This allows identification of the poorly performing devices very quickly.

Experience - What's Changed (last 7 days)

This tile shows you the score over a period of days and the amount of change in the score.  A negative number is reflected in Red and shows the performance has worsened.  A positive number is reflected in Green and shows that the performance has improved.

Experience - Trend

The trend tile shows the score over a succession of days.  Any area on the line can be highlighted and  the date and the score for that day viewed.

Clicking on the View Detailed data button at the top of any tile brings up the Raw data

This presents a box of the raw data for the selection.  Clicking on any of the devices opens the details page for the device.  

The details page shows all the metrics that are being collected.  The colored bars represent the grading numbers.  Any that are very poor will be red with an exclamation point.


The Filters bar appears at the top of most of the pages in Experience. You can expand and collapse the bar.

Each section in the Filters bar allows a user to quickly and easily filter based on different categories.  When a filter is set, it applies to all the tiles on the page, and is also applied to other pages when they are viewed.

On the Software page, there is also a filter setting to select the Last x Days, where x is 90 (default), 60, 30, or 7 days. The Last x Days filter is applied to all pages in the same way as other filters, although it can be selected only on the Software page.

On the Stability, Responsiveness, Performance, and Sentiment pages there is also a Break Down By selector that reconfigures the charts to show the data divided up into the selected category.

On the Overview, Categories, Devices, and Software pages there is no option for Break Down By.

On the Users and Surveys pages the Filters bar is not available.

For more information about filters, please refer to Filters.