The Categories page shows a dashboard of the scores from each of the four categories:

The first row of tiles shows the Latest Score view from each of the categories. Clicking on one of these tiles opens the related page in Experience.

The tiles either display information on the entire estate, if no filtering has been selected, or just the devices that are covered by the filtering query. For example, if the selected filter is High Criticality - the tiles will only contain devices that were configured as High for Criticality.

The tile on the bottom row shows the trend for all the categories over time. 


The Filters bar appears at the top of most of the pages in Experience. You can expand and collapse the bar.

Each section in the Filters bar allows a user to quickly and easily filter based on different categories.  When a filter is set, it applies to all the tiles on the page, and is also applied to other pages when they are viewed.

On the Software page, there is also a filter setting to select the Last x Days, where x is 90 (default), 60, 30, or 7 days. The Last x Days filter is applied to all pages in the same way as other filters, although it can be selected only on the Software page.

On the Stability, Responsiveness, Performance, and Sentiment pages there is also a Break Down By selector that reconfigures the charts to show the data divided up into the selected category.

On the Overview, Categories, Devices, and Software pages there is no option for Break Down By.

On the Users and Surveys pages the Filters bar is not available.

For more information about filters, please refer to Filters.