A list of features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

Each release includes new or enhanced functions and methods in the Agent language (SCALE). Please refer to Tachyon SDK - Functions and Methods Reference for more details.

The following list shows the current supported versions of 1E Client, and if relevant, their end of support date.

 - May 2023
 - December 2022

New features in 1E Client 5.2

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.2

Only Tachyon client features are supported by the 1E Client on non-Windows devices.

Shopping client for Shopping v6.0

  • Adding support for Single sign-on (SSO) environment and Workgroup devices to respond with machine details on Shopping website

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.3

  • No changes - only hotfixes

Nomad client for Nomad v7.1

  • NomadBranch 7.1 client is the Nomad module in 1E Client 5.2
  • ActiveEfficiency features are now provided by Content Distribution on Tachyon Platform 5.2
  • Client status messages are sent via Tachyon event policy system - Content Distribution uses these instead of StatusMsgEvents using Configuration Manager
  • New client settings:
    • DeliveryOptimizationReportingEnabled - monitoring of Delivery Optimization downloads and reporting them to Content Distribution - disabled by default
    • SupportWPAD - provides support for Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) - disabled by default.

PXE client for PXE Everywhere v4.0.100

  • No changes - only hotfixes

Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS) v5.2

For more information about TIMS, please refer to Tachyon SDK - Getting started with TIMS.

  • Multiple tabs
  • Default instruction type for a new instruction is now Action rather than Question
  • Validation error when %global% or %environment% variables are used in fragments (InstructionType fix, check, and precondition)

1E Client 5.1

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.1

Only Tachyon client features are supported by the 1E Client on non-Windows devices.

Shopping client for Shopping v6.0

  • WSA - Support for nested Task Sequences
  • WSA - Autofill WiFi passcode on Connection page if available
  • WSA - Option to disable the Location page

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Creates a firewall exception for WakeUp with the name 1E Client (WakeUp) that is port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.200

  • Certificate-based client authentication for Nomad P2P communication
  • Configuration Manager Enhanced HTTP support
  • Support for multiple Certificate Authorities
  • Improved PKI client certificate selection logic
  • VMWare Workspace One support
  • Handling download content for "expired" offer 
  • Improved handling of updated Software Update content 
  • Option to reduce election notifications in Nomad logs

PXE client for PXE Everywhere v4.0

  • PXE Everywhere Agent is a client module of 1E Client 5.2
  • PXE Everywhere Static Responder (to support DHCP Snooping) now has its own installer

1E Client 5.0

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.0

  • Uses OpenSSL 1.1.1c for secure communication with the Switch and Background Channel
  • Tachyon.Performance.Metrics.exe is now included in the 1E Client, previously included in the Windows Endpoint Performance Integrated Product pack
  • Tachyon activity record and storage features enhanced to include:
    • Software Performance
    • Operating System Performance
    • Performance data
  • New modules:, Device.GetLocation, Device.SetLocation
  • Now uses SQLite 1.29.0
  • Windows support confirmed for Windows 10 1909
  • Non-Windows now supports Red Hat v8.0 and v6.0
  • MacOS now supports Catalina 10.15.1

Shopping client for Shopping v5.6

  • No changes - only hotfixes

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Now creates WakeUp firewall exception with name '1E Client (WakeUp)' and it's now port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.100

  • No changes - only hotfixes

1E Client 4.1

  • Tachyon Agent renamed as 1E Client
  • Enhancements:
    • Optimize ProcessUsage Minutes storage
  • Improvements to 1E Client on macOS 
    • Reading certificates from the macOS keystore
    • DMG file installations
  • Agent Historic Data Capture feature renamed as Tachyon Activity Record
  • WSA enhancements:
    • Applications page includes all installed, normalized applications
    • Allow conditional download of Windows 10 upgrade packages
    • Check Windows 10 version readiness checks before upgrading
    • Perform In-place Upgrade compatibility check in WSA readiness checks
    • Allow Windows Servicing Assistant to exclude user state migration
    • Required for environments where TLS 1.0 is disabled.
  • 1E module library renamed as Nomad, replacing NomadBranch client, and extended to support Nomad 7.0
  • Nomad provides an efficient file transfer mechanism that integrates with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, providing a host of features that maximize download efficiency and minimize WAN link bandwidth usage, and reduction in the number of servers.