GetHash (deprecated)


Returns the hash of a file or directory.


Path (string; optional): The full path of the file or a directory.

Algorithm (string): Which algorithm to use to perform the hashing. Possible values: 

    • SHA1
    • SHA256
    • MD5
Return values

If a directory is named, the following are returned:

    • DirectoryName (string): The full path of the directory
    • DirectorySizeBytes (int): The total size of the all files in the directory
    • DirectoryHash (string): The SCCM2012 folder hash, as there is no standard method of calculating folder hashes. On non-Windows machines, this returns a hash that is different to those calculated on a Windows machine for the same data, but the result is consistent. This is typically intended to be used to check a folder's contents against another's.

Otherwise, if a file is named, the following are returned:

    • FileName (string): The full path of the file
    • FileSizeBytes (int): The size of the file in bytes
    • FileHash (string): The hash of the file
This uses the newer Path parameter name. Replace with FileName for v3.0.100 and older.
 FileSystem.GetHash(Path:"C:\\tmp\\ips.txt", Algorithm:"MD5");
 FileSystem.GetHash(Path:"C:\\tmp\\ips.txt", Algorithm:"SHA1");
 FileSystem.GetHash(Path:"C:\\tmp", Algorithm:"SHA256");
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Solaris Intel
  • Solaris Sparc
  • Android

 This method was deprecated in 3.1. Please use GetFileHash and GetDirectoryHash instead.