Welcome to the Tachyon SDK documentation space. The SDK provides the latest information for developing Tachyon instructions. The SDK is not specific to any single version of Tachyon, but instead pages will tell you the versions supported by a feature.

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Here's a quick overview of what the SDK pages will tell you.

Writing Tachyon Instructions

How to write instructions using SCALE and the Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS).

Integrating with Tachyon

Integrate software with Tachyon using public facing Application Programming Interfaces (API).

  • IntroductionHow you can integrate software with Tachyon using public facing Application Programming Interfaces (API).
  • Tachyon RunInstruction command-line toolTachyon RunInstruction command-line tool is a stand-alone command line (CLI) tool that supports submission of a Tachyon instruction, question or action to a set of computers.
  • Consumer API referenceEach API endpoint is documented on a separate page. Pages are version controlled.
  • Using scope and filter expressionsHow to use create Expression objects used by many API endpoints as filter or scope definitions.
  • How to guidesSection describing some basic and common Tachyon operations using the Consumer API and Consumer SDK.

Tachyon .NET Consumer SDK

Tachyon .NET Consumer SDK is a self-contained C# .NET 4 assembly consisting of Consumer and Offloading SDKs.

  • Tachyon Consumer SDK libraryThis SDK is an object oriented abstraction of Tachyon's Consumer API. It's designed to facilitate integration of 3rd party code with Tachyon through the API.
  • Tachyon Offloading SDK libraryThis SDK has been created to simplify creation of software that will function as an offloading client, receiving responses from Tachyon.
  • Tachyon SDK release informationDetails of the Tachyon release history, current release notes and details of third-party licenses.

Tachyon PowerShell Toolkit

The Tachyon PowerShell Toolkit allows you to use PowerShell to automate the Tachyon Platform by exposing many features as PowerShell cmdlets.


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