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On this page we will learn how to browse instruction definitions available in your Tachyon installation.

We will assume that instruction definitions have already been uploaded into Tachyon and organised into Instruction Sets (please refer to Add and Remove Instruction definitions and organise them into instruction sets), with all necessary permissions assigned (please refer to Set up Principals, Roles and Permissions).

C# examples assume you are using Tachyon Consumer SDK and assume that you already have a correctly instantiated instance of Tachyon connector class in an object called 'connector'.

Another thing to remember is that all SDK methods return the same class called ApiCallResponse. Inside the object of that class you'll find a property called ReceivedObject. That object is the actual data received from the API. We will be omitting this detail in the examples and simply saying that the return object contains the data. So when we're saying that XYZ object will contain such-and-such data, what we mean in that the ReceivedObject contains that data, since that is always the case.

What is an instruction definition?

An instruction definition is a template that is used to create instructions that are then sent to devices running Tachyon Agent for processing.

Instruction definition defines what should the agent do when executing the instruction, what data is returned and if its aggregated, what the parameters for the instruction are, how to present the results to the user and so on.

When an instruction is being issued, some information is copied from the definition that the instruction is based on (like instruction name and type) while other come from information provided with the request to issue the instruction. Please refer to Issue an instruction, track its progress and retrieve responses for details.

What properties can be used to uniquely identify an instruction definition?

How is an instruction created from an instruction definition

Searching for instruction definitions

Retrieving all instruction definitions

Retrieving only instruction definitions of a specific type

Retrieving all instruction definitions regardless of caller's permissions

Using search-as-you-type feature

Searching for instruction definitions that match specific criteria

Searching for instruction definitions when issuing a follow-up instruction

Retrieving all instruction definitions that can be used to issue a follow-up

Searching for feasible follow-up instruction definitions that match specific criteria

Retrieving specific instruction definition