Version: 5



In order to use scope you have to define an expression as explained here.

Available scope attributes

The system has a number of predefined attributes which can be used in a scope expression

  • "ostype"
  • "osver"
  • "name"
  • "rammb"
  • "devicetype"
  • "osvertxt"
  • "agentver"
  • "vrplatform"
  • "model"
  • "fqdn"
  • "devtype"
  • "timezone"
  • "lastboot"
  • "tagtxt"
  • "managementgroup"

Scope expression limitations pre v3.2

1) The only operator supported in the expression tree object is "AND"

2) The system only support single level expression trees ie. you cannot have an expression tree object and an operand for another expression tree object.

Handling tags

Tags are a specific case. Tags always use the "tagtxt" attribute name.

In order to scope on tags you have to leave the Operator field blank ("") like so:

Tag element Json
	"Attribute": "tagtext",
	"Operator": "",
	"Value": "key = value",
	"DataType": "int"

Handling Management Groups

Management groups are another special case. They always use the "managementgroup" attribute name.

The only operator they support is "==" and don't have a data type.

The value is the UsableId, not the Name or Id of the Management group.